Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps, What are the security concerns of India, earth-24-Here we discussed the privacy concern of Indian govt and What other tech companies saying about these Chinese apps.

Why India Banned 59 Chinese Apps | Earth-24

As we all know, the Indian government has decided to ban all 59 Chinese apps available in India. Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps, Including top social media applications like UC Browser, TikTok, Club factory, Helo- all the 59 apps were banned by the Indian government. Banning Chinese apps have increased the tensions between India and China.

But some Indian politicians and guardians believe that those apps are not good for their children or the content is not appropriate. They think that it effects the youngs badly from age 14 to age 18.

Last year Tamil Nadu court had ruled against TikTok and gave their statement. They said that the app could spoil children to sexual predators, as well.

What are the security concerns of India
What are the security concerns of India

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There are some reasons for which India has decided to ban all the Chinese apps.

  1. There has been continuing conflict for the last two weeks between India and China.
  2. We all know, China is the origin of the Coronavirus. The virus now becomes a pandemic due to its terrible form. As a result, India also has to suffer like all other countries in the world. The number of affected people in India has been increasing daily. That’s why India has decided to ban the apps by attacking China digitally. The attack was basically to stop the digital silk root ambitions.
  3. From some sources, we get to know that a few application has leaked the user’s data. When someone is going to install any Chinese app and sign up, the apps store the details of the user which is a crime.
  4. A few apps in China are doubted to be engaged in bad activities such as crime, kidnapping, child selling, etc. Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps,

Why India is the only Country to Ban These Chinese Apps

When the central government of India decided to remove all the 59 Chinese apps from all the Indian accounts, the new users got actual losses. Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps, Those people who already installed the apps, don’t face any problems.

The people who not downloaded yet to their devices faced many issues. India had a large TikTok market. Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps, India has about 300 million users in the country out of over 1 billion users of TikTok.

The sensor tower said that over one billion people had downloaded and used the TikTok app. The application notified us that India had over 120 million monthly activities in India.

If we are going to count the percentage of installation all over the world, we get to see that India has 27 percent of TikTok’s total installs which is between December 2017 and December 2018, Sensor Tower also revealed that the app has a huge resource of TikTok’s overall growth.

India has got many reasons to ban Chinese apps such as:-

  1. From the resources of the press, we know that the Indian Cybercrime has requested to block the Chinese apps.
  2. The Internet freedom foundation said that it was an illegal order which is under section 69A.
  3. We get to know from one of the top officials that the Chinese applications may have individual private problems and security issues. There is always a risk to use the apps as those can leak the personal data of the users. Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps,
  4. The Ministry of Electronics and IT gave a statement in which he said that they had got many complaints from various sources. They also got some reports about the misuse of Chinese mobile applications that the data has been stolen and transmitted in a disallowed manner to servers outside India.
  5. India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology gave an order to the TikTok to remove from play stores. It is when a Madras court gave the order to remove the app as the app could spoil the children by seeing pornography and other illegal content.
List Of Chinese apps banned
List Of Chinese apps banned

Earlier What Apple Said About This Case

Recently apple also found a malicious in TikTok. in other countries, people also found that TikTok is not safe. that’s why Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps,

Will Other Countries do the Same

The USA banned Tik Tok last week. They declared that the USA soldiers can’t use the apps in their government-own phones. They are doubting that it may leak the database of the US soldiers. Even, China has also banned its application whereas it is the origin of the doujin.

What did these Chinese Apps Makers say?

The major effect fell on Tik Tok’s Chinese owner Bytedance who is the inventor of the app. The company represents its speech in a court regarding the effect of banning Chinese apps. They said that the decision would cause about $500,000 daily loss and the Chinese people may lose 250 jobs. Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps,

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