Why Education is Important Education is the process of learning, skills, morals, beliefs, and habits. Education is the best powerful weapon in the world.

A child without education is like a  bird without wings.

A man without education is like a building without a foundation

Education is a passage to progress.

Why Education is Important | Reasons | For Better Society

Education is important for every individual. It provides people with knowledge, skill, technique, information to help people to know their rights.

Education provides stability in life and knowing the moral values.

The benefits of education are personal and societal.

Why Education is Important.

  • Education act as a tool to achieve our dreams in life.
  • Being educated provide stability and growth in life.
  • So that we are able to earn money to live our livelihood.
  • Education provides equality in wages and in society.
  • Makes the place safer and more peaceful.
  • Increases our confidence level.
  • The economic growth of economic.
  • Helps in being fooled or cheated.
Benefits of Education
Benefits of Education | Why Education is Important

Top Reasons Why Education is Important

  1. Education provides stability in life  – Education provides stability it’s the knowledge that no one can take away from you.
  2. Good job opportunity – Having a degree will create more job opportunities. An educated person has more opportunities for a good high-paying job.
  3. Equality in jobs –  If we are educated we will be able to get the job in which field we want.
  4. Self-dependent – if you want to be self-dependent then education is important. education makes us wiser so we can make our own decision.
  5. Can make dreams true – if we want to make our dream true then education is important because Ty through education we can choose our field and make our career.
  6. Increase confidence – Education boosts our self-confidence. And can speak in public confidently without hesitation.

Benefits of Education

There are many benefits of education it can be societal and personal.

  • Poverty reduction
  • Healthy and unhealthy eating
  • Socializing
  • Achieving our dream or goal
  • Personal development
  • Can communicate around the globe
  • Discipline
  • More employment
  • Promotes equality
  • Reduce crime
  • Reduces biasness among men or women
  • Reduces child marriage

Types of Education

  • There are three types of education.
  • Formal education:- formal education usually takes place on the premises of the school.
  • Informal education:- informal education may be a mother teaching it’s child how to ride a bicycle.
  • Nonformal education:- In nonformal education is someone who is not in school. can learn literacy, other basic skills.
Why Education is Important Education
Why Education is Important Education business-standard

What are Human Rights | List Universal Declaration Earth-24

Girls Education

Education is important or essential to living life. whether it’s girl or boy education is important for each.

Education plays an important role in girl’s or women’s life.

Why Girls Education is Important

  • Education helps in improving girls’ skills, information talent, etc.
  • The education of girls is important to improve the social-economic development of India.
  • Educated women or girls help in reducing the population because they marry later or at the right time.
  • She can serve the country by being a doctor, teacher, lawyer, scientist.
  • They can share the burden of men by working in different areas.
  • Educated women are less likely to be in contact with HIV/ AIDS.
  • Example of Girls Education.
Famous Personality Feild
Indira Nooyi She became the chief executive officer and chairperson of PepsiCo.
Arundhati Roy  Winner of the man booker prize for fiction in 1997
Mary Kom Boxing
I’m Sharmila She is also known as the iron lady. she is a civil rights and economist.
Seems Rao First woman commando trainer.
Saalumarada She has planted 8000 banyan trees over the lifetime.
Kiran Bedi The first woman to join the Indian police service.


Education in the World

Education is a very important factor in increasing our knowledge.

Education is important and Finland has the world’s best education system. Japan is in second maintained in 3 years.

Education System in Africa

Sub Sahara has the highest rate of education. South Africa system is divided in there level primary secondary and tertiary.

Education System in the USA

Education in the USA is provided in private public and home schools. Around age six it is called primary. Then they go to secondary school. then to high school. They may go for higher education in college or university.

An education system in Canada

Canadian offers 3-degree bachelor, master’s, doctorate.

Education System in Brasil

It’s mandatory to go to school from age 6  to 14. The 9 years of education are known as fundamental education.

Education System in France

France consists of education in three stages primary, secondary, higher education.

Education System in Germany

It is important to attend primary and secondary ever since they reach the age of six.

Education System in Britain

The education system in Britain is divided into 4 parts primary, secondary, further education, and high education.

Education System India

The education system in India is divided into 4 levels;-lower primary ( 6 to 10), upper primary( 11 and 12) and high (13   to 15), and higher secondary (17  to 18).

Education System in China

Pre schooling education for 3 years. Primary education for 6 years and secondary education for 6 years. Academic secondary education consists of junior and senior middle school.

Education System in Russia

Russia includes 2 types of education general and professional.

Education System in Japan

The Japanese school system consists of six-year elementary school. Three-year junior high school followed by two or Three junior schools. Compulsory education lasts for 9 years.

Education System in Australia

School education is 13  years divided into primary school – runs for seven or eight years. starting at kindergarten/preparatory through to year 6  to 7.secondary school runs for three to four years, from year’s 7  to 10.secondary senior school – runs for two years.

Education System in Saudi Arabia, UAE

The education system in Saudi Arabia consists of kindergarten, six years of primary school, Three years of intermediate and high school. Students can choose whether to attend a high school with a program in commerce.

Education in World
Education in World the conversation

Fruits and Vegetables

Quotes on Education

Quotes  Quotes By
“Education is a most powerful weapon to change the world” Nelson Mandela
“If you think education is expensive try ignorance.” Andy
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Albert Einstein
“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” Aristotle’s
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin franklin
“Change is the end result of all true learning” Leo Buscaglia
“The learning process continues until you die” Kirk Douglas



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