What are Human Rights:- Human rights are certain principles made for human behavior They are fundamental rights in which a person follows them.

What are Human Rights here the human rights movement was developed after the first world war. for example the right to equality, right to education, right to freedom, right to freedom of speech, right to life, right  to  exercise your religion

What are Human Rights | List of Human Rights by UN

Human rights are rights simply because we exist as human beings. Human rights are the basic right of freedom that belongs to every individual.

They are not granted to us by any state. these values are based upon equality, dignity, respect, and independence. theses values are protected by law.

The declaration was proclaimed by the united nation general assembly in pairs on 10 December 1948. human rights are universally protected and translated into 500 languages.

Human right is as follows:-

  • Right to life
  • Right to liberty and freedom.
  • Right to the pursuit of happiness
  • Right to live your life free of discrimination
  • Right to control what happens to your own body
  • Right to grow old
  • Right to freely exercise your religion
  • Right to be free from the difference of color, sex, caste, national origin
  • Right to be free from unusual punishment
  • Right to be free from torture
  • Right to freedom of thought
  • Right to freedom of speech
  • Right to join the group whichever u like

What are HumanRights Full Definition

Human rights are the rights given to every person in the world. These laws are made for the welfare of human-like equality, fairness, dignity, independence.

What are Human Rights Full Definition
What are Human Rights Full Definition | What are Human Rights

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Why Human Rights are Important

Human rights are important because :

  • The human right allows people to love who they choose  – one has a right to do marriage with whosoever.
  • The human right gives equal job opportunity:-
  • The concept of human rights tells equal rights and wages should give to workers.
  • Human rights give right to education:-
  • Education is important for every individual.  Education as a right means everyone has the right to access.
  • Human right ensures people meet the basic need:- every individual has right to meet a basic need like food, shelter, medicine, water, clothes.
  • Human right protect the vulnerable group from abuse:- human right protect the vulnerable group from abuse from power holders, instead of ignoring them
  • The human right allows people to stand for social corruption:- This human right empowers people to speak when they experience corruption or abuse.
  • Human rights encourage freedom to speech and expression  – human right gives us the right to keep our thought without the feeling of any danger.
  • The human right to religions – human right gives people the freedom to practice or not practice any.
  • The human right to the environment – Human right has a right to protect the environment.

Features of human right

  • Right need enforcement then only they come into existence.
  • The content of rights keeps on changing with time.
  • Rights are equally available to all people.
  • Rights are recognized by society as common claims of all people
  • it’s the duty of the state to protect the rights of the people.
  • rights are inseparable no duties no right and no right no duties
  •  rights are for development for social good


  • Natural right – people inherit  rights from nature like the right to life, right to liberty, right to property
  • moral right  -theses are based on the human sense of goodness and justice.
  • legal right -legal rights are those right which is accepted and enforced by law.
  • legal rights are  3 type
  • civil right
  • political right
  •  economic right

Human Rights Universal Declaration

  • Human rights universal declaration has been created for young people:-
  •  We are born free and equal:- we are born free and equal. And have their own ideas and thoughts.
  • Don’t discriminate:- There should be no discrimination.
  • The right to life:- we have the right to freedom and safety.
  • No slavery;- No one has a right to make a slave.
  • No torture:- No one has a right to torture anyone.
Human Rights Universal Declaration
Human Rights Universal Declaration | What are Human Rights

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List of Human Rights by UN

  1. 1 right to  equality
  2. Right from discrimination
  3. Right to life liberty
  4. Freedom from slavery
  5. Freedom from torture
  6. Right to recognition
  7. Right to equality before the law
  8. Right to remedy by a competent tribunal
  9. Right to a fair hearing
  10. Right to considered innocent before found guilty
  11. Right to free movement in and out of the country
  12. Freedom state or personal interference
  13. Communities duties are essential to free
  14. Right to social order
  15. Right to participate in the cultural life of the community
  16. Right to social security
  17. Right to peaceful assembly
  18. Right to marriage and family.
  19. Right to nationality and the freedom to change it.
  20. Right to education
  21. Right to social participation in government and free elections
  22. Right to rest and leisure
  23. Right to peaceful assembly
  24. Right to nationality and freedom to change
  25. freedom of belief and religion
  26. right to free movement in and out of the country
  27. Right from arbitrary arrest and exile
  28. Freedom from torture
  29. Right to recognition before the law
  30. freedom  from opinion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Rights

Advantages Disadvantages
Helps to raise awareness Legislation alone does not reduce discrimination
Gives people more right More emphasis on education.
More equality in the term of jobs Top positions in business are held by men and people without disability.
More equality in job opportunities Fear of getting the victim
Helps to reduce discrimination Emotional stress and takes time to take the case to court
Commissions provide support The still big difference between men and women
More opportunities for groups in  society Many people are unaware of rights

Countries With the Best Human Rights.

Netherland is at the top with the best human rights. They care about the environment, gender equality, respecting religious freedom, and have well-distributed political power.

Countries with the best human rights are as follows.-

Rank Countries Name
1 Netherlands
2 Sweden
3 Canada
4 Denmark
5 Finland
6 Norway
7 Switzerland
8 Newzealand
9 United kingdom
10 Australia


Countries with the Worst Human Rights, (Human Development Index) and Reason Behind.

Rank Countries Name
1 Niger
2 The central African Republic
3 Chad
4 South Sudan
5 Burundi
6 Mali
7 Sierra Leone
8 Burkina Faso
9 Mozambique
10 Eritrea



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