US-China Cold War, On Wednesday The USA/Trump administration ordered the closure of China’s Consulate in Houston, saying it was involved in stealing trade secrets.

We know that the United States is the largest country from the economic side and China is the second. Both Countries have done a lot of business and put tariffs on each other.

In the future USA may ask china to close there more mission that is running in the United States. Trump administration is giving the signal.

As a result, the trade war becomes another reason for the US-China Cold War. Let’s have a look at our article and gather some information about US-China Cold War.

US-China Cold War | Reasons Behind this Serious Issue

As we all know that there has been continuing a war since the first day of the business between the United States and China. And day-by-day the number of reasons has enhanced. Therefore, we have already seen a cold war from 1979 to 1985. And now it seems that there may arise another US-China Cold War.

Here we provide the reasons for US-China Cold War.

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  • It has been a long time that both Countries have continued their trade war. The United States aimed to put tariffs on the products. They have planned to profit from the goods which import from China. The main reason to put tariffs on the goods is to decrease the competition in the market. It means when the American government has put taxes on the goods, the competitive market has become reduced. When the products come to the domestic market, then the richer ones get help. US-China Cold War is also a reason for the global war.
  • Both the United States and China are fighting for a long time to get dominance on the south-china sea. Both of them know that they can be the most powerful country if they get success to dominate. Recently, combat has become more interesting. Each of the attacks each other.
  • The effect of the Coronavirus is also a reason for the cold war. We know that the origin of the Coronavirus is China. The whole world is facing a lot of difficulties for this pandemic. The United States has the most number of affected people. And if you count the number of deaths, the United States got the top rank in this case too. The economy of the United States has reduced for the Covid-19. Many people have lost their jobs. The unemployment rate has become high for the US-China Cold War.
US-China Cold War
US-China Cold War

Two World Powers are Entring in Serious cold war

After the first cold war, the United States and China have got engaged in another cold war. This US-China Cold War nurtures the relationship between the United States and China. American President Donald Trump gave a threat to cut off all the relations with China.

He said it on May 15, 2020. The reason for his speech was the COVID-19 pandemic. The origin of the Covid-19 is in Wuhan.

Trump called the virus the Chinese virus when the Coronavirus was not named. He asked China to provide compensation for damages that occurred by the terrible pandemic.

The United States imposed a visa of some Chinese journalists earlier of this month. He limited their working time for 3 months. He also banded a few American countries.

He also asked to not use any telecom equipment which is made by Huawei. The name of the company was companies positing national security risks.

What experts are Saying about US-CHINA relationship

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As the day increases, the tensions of the US-China Cold War also gets increased. It becomes a leading topic in recent days. According to the exports, they see important historical differences. But do believe, both Countries are going to enter in terrible combat.

The administration of the US President Donald Trump has gone opposite to China from the first day. And now most of the countries are hating china. As China is the most unreliable Country in the world, no country prefers China. As per the latest updates, you get to know that China is giving training to Pakistan militaries.

As a result, China has to suffer in the south China sea. They have to face America and Japan’s military. As America is not using the telecom equipment of China, the relationship between the United States and China becomes very week.

The election is also another reason for the US-China Cold War. As Trump is combating with Joe Biden for the election 2020, he has made China a major campaign issue. The election is in the coming November. But if he will lose to Joe Biden, the status of the relation between the United States and China can change.

Stephen Walt who is a professor of international affairs at Harvard University gave a speech. He said that the two largest economic powers have been engaged in a competition that doesn’t end easily.



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