Trump v/s Biden, US Election 2020, Coronavirus in the USA, Earth 24:- Election in the world’s oldest democracy, Here we discussed some major points.

Trump v/s Biden | Coronavirus Impact On the USA Election 2020

Donald Trump, the president of the United States belongs to the Republican party where Biden belongs to the democratic party. The election of 2020 is about Trump v/s Biden competition.

Electoral process of the USA

In the United States, the election process for choosing the president Trump v/s Biden occurs on the first Tuesday in November. The first Tuesday means the day which is going to come after the first Monday.

The election process of choosing Trump v/s Biden occurs every 4 years. Here the president and vice-president are not selected with the vote of the people. The electors select the president and vice-president and control the election process.

The electors choose them in the electoral college process. When the citizens have given their votes

choosing between Trump v/s Biden, a projected winner is declared on that Tuesday night. But the original counting occurs in the middle of December.

There are about 270 electors who are present to select the president between Trump v/s Biden. The winner needs to win more than half of the electors. The winner gets all the votes of the 48 states including Washington DC.

Election in the USA
The election in the USA | Trump v/s Biden

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What Political Party Donald Trump Belongs

Donald Trump belongs to the Republican Party of the United States which is known as GOP. The GOP is one of the two major synchronous parties in the United States. The party was founded on 20 March 1854 at Ripon, Wisconsin. Ronna McDaniel is the Chairperson of the party. Washington DC is the Headquarter of the GOP. The Republican party stands against the increase of yoke and supports economic development and classical liberalism.

What Political Party Joe Biden Belongs

Joe Biden belongs to the Democratic party of the United States. The party is one of the two major synchronous parties in the United States.  The party was founded in 1820. Andrew Jackson is the founder of the party. Steny Hoyer is the House majority leader. Chuck Schumer is the Senate Minority leader. They believe in saving the environment, maintaining social equality, etc. The Trump v/s Biden competition makes those parties more important.

The economy of the USA

According to the report of the World Bank in 2018, the GDP or the Gross Domestic Product of the country is 20.54 lakh Crores USD. They have the top position in GDP rank. In 2019, the GDP per capita is $ 65,112. The GDP per capita rank of this country is 7. United States has the highest economy by nominal GDP and by PPP( Purchasing Power Parity) the United States gets the second position.

Internal Violation in America

There are a lot of reasons for internal violations in the United States. The violations occur for economic, social, or cultural rights. Many people lose their homes, can’t get any food, get failed to stop private entitles. Besides, the main reason is the inequality. The human right against equality is the main reason for internal violations in America. Trump v/s Biden

Coronavirus Impact On the USA Election 2020

The Coronavirus shuts down all the business from small to large, stops medical deliveries, forces whole societies. The voters who are going to head towards the ballot box are 435 in a number called House representatives. Here 35 seats are booked for senate seats and 13 seats are for governorships.

Can Election extended  in the US

Most of the states want to push the election of Trump v/s Biden back at least in June. But according to the rule of 1845, this may occur on the first Tuesday of November.

According to Professor Richard L Hasen University of California, an election-law expert, Trump or state governments could use their emergency powers to drastically curtail in-person voting locations. Trump v/s Biden.

The USA Election 2020 Impact on Countries

On 4 November 2020, the USA Election in choosing Trump v/s Biden is going to occur. Trump’s decision helps India in various ways. India gets a bilateral defense corporation and higher degrees of strategic coordination.

The USA- Russia

The relation between the USA and the country is diplomatic and trade maintaining.

Presidential Election in USA 2020
Presidential Election in USA 2020 | Trump v/s Biden

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Economic Relations

As per the information from the AALEP,  America has about 3000 companies that are present in Russia. And the United States is maintaining leadership as a foreign company.

International Cooperation

As both of the countries face opposite sides on any issue, they have some cooperation areas to solve it. They work together and make trust with each other for the betterment of the nations.

Bilateral Representation

The United States and Russia both give training to the military together for counter-terrorists. They give training in Germany.

The USA – China

The relation between the USA and the country is only trading maintaining. But as we know there is a trade war between these countries, that’s why they always remain combat.

Economic Relations

The bilateral surplus of China gives tensions to the USA trade economy. But the overall growth of the United States is positive.

International Cooperation

Both countries have worked together on climate change, economic growth, counter-terrorism, etc. These two countries also work on disease control, education system, etc mainly for the betterment of the people of the two countries.

Bilateral Representation

These two countries always try to solve the new problems which are arisen between them. Both countries try to find new bilateral relations between them so that the bond becomes stronger.

The USA – India

The relation between the USA and the country is the trade and strategic business. America is a good trade partner of India.

Economic Relations

The United States trades with India directly and it is one of the largest investors. India bought crude oil in 2018 about 48.2 million barrels where the number in 2017 was 9.6 million.

International Cooperation

The United States is a dialogue partner in IORA where India is a member. India also observes the institutes of American states.

Bilateral Representation

The Indo-American relation has a strong bond.

There are trade, defense, security, clean and nuclear energy, and many things between these two countries.

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The USA – Japan Australia

The relation between the USA and the country is a political, economic, and military base.

Economic Relations

Japan imports raw products and goods. The USA is the largest economic partner of Japan.

International Cooperation

They decided to work together in marines in 2018. They give training jointly to the militaries.

Bilateral Representation

They had diplomatic relations till the early stage of the 19th century. But now they continue cordial relations.

The USA – European Countries

The relation between the USA and the country is like bilateral relations where the cooperation on trades and military defense is present.

Economic Relations

They maintain diplomatic relations. The USA has embassies in about 27 EU member states.

International Cooperation

They co-operate on defense, military, trade, and shared values.

Bilateral Representation

These countries have relations for more than sixty years. They have started this in 1953 and continued till now.

The USA – African Countries

The  USA and African Countries have an economic and social relationship between them.

Economic Relations

As per information, there are about 600 American firms in Africa. It is the largest economic partner in 2020.

International Cooperation

They co-operate on education, defense, health issues, etc.

Bilateral Representation

They have a strong bilateral relationship. They help each other in health, education, etc.

The USA and the Middle East

The relation between the USA and the country maintains depending on the oil business.

Economic Relations

There was an area in the middle east which has economical importance. But later the USA has involved in that area.

International Cooperation

America has cooperation with Iran. They help in education, health, etc.

Bilateral Representation

America has diplomatic relations with most countries. But they have a good relationship with Iran regarding trade, health issues.

The USA and South America

The bilateral relation between the USA and the country has strong regional cooperation.

Economic Relations

They do business on materials, and non-military of the USA.

International Cooperation

South America trades raw materials to the USA. Besides, they have other cooperative relations.

Bilateral Representation

The USA had a complex relationship with the country.




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