Technology, E-Waste, Technology Advantages, Technology Disadvantage, Environment and Tech, Tech, Human Life, 5G, Hyperloop, Tech In Daily Life. Today, people connect their every part of their life with technology.

It increases the level of thinking. But it has disadvantages as well. We use the latest gadgets. But these became a waste as technology is increasing daily.


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Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

Technology has a huge effect today in the whole world. In every case, we need to take the help of technology. It has many advantages on the one hand. And it has disadvantages on the other hand too.

Technology & And How It Works

What Is Technology

Technology is the combination of skills, techniques, procedures. People use this to invent goods, gadgets for their requirements. There are different types of machines where people give some inputs. Then these inputs go through technology and give some outcome. The result helps people to make gadgets which help them in their daily life.

How It Works

Go Pro For More HighlightsIn today’s world, people use this technology in different ways like 3d. They give some inputs to the machine and in the process of technology, some output comes which helps people to go with the modern world.

Technology Facts | Advantages & Disadvantages
Technology Facts | Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantage of Technology

Technology today indeed helps us the world a lot but it has some negative sides too. The cybercrimes, bombs, missiles- all are examples.


  • Today, we are very thankful for modern technology that helps us to meet the new ways of communication like internet, mobile, etc. We can contact even from different countries every day on this internet.
  • Sometimes people can’t manage their time or can’t go to the place though they are eligible enough. They can now do their job online sitting in homes easily. We can now do any job remotely.
  • We can learn from books many things and can earn also many pieces of information. But we can face the world in the network. We can learn anything we want today. Mobile phones become very important today.
  • We can see movies, dramas, shows; play games, hear music, etc all day. We don’t need to wait for the latest movie on TV today as it is available online.
  • Today computer makes our life so easier. We can search for anything so fast and get the correct information. We can calculate so fast for modern technology.
  • Technology saves time a lot. In banking processes, like counting the rupees it can take a lot of time. ATM helps us to get the amount faster. Washing machines help us to do our laundry.
  • Some gadgets are so efficient when they can understand that it takes more power, it automatically switches itself off. In tube lights, a choke controls the extra power so that it cannot affect the light.


  • In the online networking sites, people can meet themselves but they can change real faces. The physical contact, cybercrime many illegal offenses can occur through online.
  • Today, computers may be doing all jobs very fast and make our lives easier but on another side, humans become less efficient. Today we don’t need to do anything as a computer does. But its effects on us.
  • At aside, we can save our CVS, personal details, financial data, and many things but it is risky too. Anyone can hack any device today. They can take the details and do illegal works. They can steal our photos, videos, etc.
  • Today media spread false news, so rapidly that in minutes it is out of reach. They will notify the wrong details to the people.
  • Sometimes machines remove toxic that affects nature. In that sense, technology also at a side creates pollution.


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Human Life And Technology | 5G Hyperloop & Smart Gadgets

After 4g people use this at high-speed. To contact in the high buildings, to communicate in the unknown urban areas, in crowded places also people use the 5th generation.

Hyperloop is a kind of vehicle where the passengers can ride like the motion of airlines. It goes through a tube containing very low pressure.

Human Life And Technology

Tech leads to a big role in our lives. When we wake up in the morning, we use brushes that refer to technology. Throughout the day we use our modern tech and it has become very attached to us.

Smart Gadgets Examples

  1. Phone: it helps us to communicate with others in the whole world.
  2. Car: it helps to travel from one place to another place.
  3. Refrigerator: it keeps the foods fresh for a long time.
  4. Doorbell: it behaves like an alarm that notifies the people of coming someone.
Technology | E-Waste And Environment
Technology | E-Waste, And Environment

Environment | E-Waste

We use tech for doing work faster but it affects the environment. In industrial areas, we see huge polluted gases mixing with air and the oils feel on the water.


E-waste means electronic wastes. When people want to discard some electronic things like monitors, lamps, toys, tools, medical devices, those they have of no use, those are called as electronic wastes or E-waste.

Solution For E-Waste

  • We should not throw wasted things. It is our first duty to keep the area clean.
  • If we do not need any electronic device, we can give it to others (if anyone needs).
  • We can recycle them easily.



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