Technology Cold War, There has been already a technology cold war between the United States and China for the past few years. But after the pandemic originated in the Wuhan area, the cold war has taken a terrible form.

This US-China cold war has a big impact on the rest of the entire world.

Technology Cold War | What is Explained

We know that the first cold war started around 1947 in between the United States and Soviet. Where the United States supported capitalism or democracy, the Soviets gave their full support to the communism.

According to news from the intelligence source, you can know about the Huawei and ZTE. Huawei is one of the Chinese telecom companies.

Both of these engaged in a battle to get the superpower for about ten years. But now their technology cold war becomes very serious. Covid-19 is also a reason behind this.

China is such a Country that always tries to compete with the country which is stronger than this. That’s why China has been always in competition with America.

Therefore, to be the most powerful nation China tries to reduce the economy rate of the United States. Chinese are strictly prohibited to use Facebook and Google, which are big data companies in the USA.

But there is still something in between two nations regarding the business. Though the United States has been continuing its tariffs on China’s products still there is a high rate of the business.

As per the information from Apple, China sales approx $100 million. But according to Huawei, they had a record business that year.

Technology Cold War
Technology Cold War

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Hardware Market of China

When China had started to produce a large hardware market based on the upcoming network, from that time they had started to get dominance. A former deputy regimental chief had begun his journey for the first time.

He began in the people’s liberation army in the late 1980s. At that time, Huawei became the powerful reseller of the PBX switches which was imported from Hong Kong.

Besides, Apple is the world’s second-biggest manufacturer of smartphones in 2018. This company revenues about $122 million as an average. According to the details of the last year,¬† Apple contained approx 194000 employees.

As there are a lot of companies in China and these are placed all around the world, therefore only those countries will get permission to use the hardware markets.

As an example, Russia, South Africa, and some other nations were able to use the hardware marking products. As there are located Chinese companies, that’s why they can use it.

Networking issue on the war

Networking issue has been a reason also for a long time. As China tried to produce and grab the upcoming network, it becomes an issue for most of the countries. Suppose, the world is in the time of 4G, and in the next few years, 5G is going to come.

Then what China does is to take the dominance on the 5G network by making a hardware market.

That’s why the United States takes a great move towards their activities which is the main reason for technology cold war.

They decide to block Huawei from its 5G networks which are associated with the United States. And this also becomes a reason for Sino-American tech.

They provide some restrictions to use the chip-making tools in May. They did so that Huawei has to face difficulties in the supply of chips’ shortage.

The decisions taken by the United States occur in this technology cold war. 5G networks, having more technical artificial intelligence, the competition of the Internet of things- everything is the reason for the technology cold war happening between China and the United States.

America’s Inquiry Against Chinese Company

Huawei gave an open letter to the United States in February 2011. When the United States told to reduce the use of telecommunication products, China declared to check the open security concerns.

They denied and didn’t allow them for any kind of investigation. Therefore, the house parliament selected an intelligence committee that began its investigation in 2011.

When the intelligence committee submitted their report of investigation in 2012, they declared that Huawei should not be trusted.

Besides, the United States federal communication got two companies as national security threats.

Most of the countries visualized the battle as a technology cold war between China and the United States.

They understood that this technology cold war might cause issues in the upcoming years on the rest of the world.

Many people thought this war as a geopolitical battle that is happening over only technical issues. But the technology cold war gave the world a threatening to divide the world into two parts.

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Technology Cold War Impact on the World

The cold war has been running for long years between the United States and China. As the United States put tariffs on China’s importing products, therefore the trade war became a big issue. America band to use all Chinese products like the iPhone. As a result, the trade war of these two largest economic nations effect on the global business.

Effect of this new tech cold war upon India

The DoT or the Department of Telecommunication told to reduce the use of Chinese equipment and cut off all the deals in December 2009. They doubted that China had used their apps to hack other smartphones and get the details of any user.

Recently, India has blocked all 59 Chinese apps. Including India, many other countries have to face difficulties for this technology cold war.


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