State of population report 2020, UNFPA, equality od girls, Earth24:- Every person needs to understand the equality of girls with boys. Their target is to focus on birth control.

State of population report 2020 | What do you mean by UNFPA?

As we know, there is a rule somewhere to kill the girl child after taking birth. And somewhere, people killed their girl child after determining the sex.

That’s why the association is doing adventure throughout the world so that most of the people get aware. Everywhere the awareness camp is organized for the betterment of girl children.

It is also important to maintain the ratio of boy and girl. Otherwise, we may face a marriage squeeze problem. This association is connected with about 150 countries or more than that. Their journey for protesting the female has started in 1969.

What do you mean by UNFPA?

UNFPA means the United Nations, Population Fund. This is an association which is known earlier as the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.

The main motive of the association is to improve the rate of generative health. They do many adventures so that people can understand the value of a girl.

Why We Need to equality of girls
Why We Need to equality of girls

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Motives United Nations, Population Fund

  • They do a campaign in every place of the world to create awareness in people’s minds. They try to reduce those pregnancies which should not come at that time.
  • It is not safe for girls between 9 to 16 to have a pregnancy. They create awareness camps to say the perfect time for pregnancy and the birth of a child.
  • They told all the females to have a safe pregnancy and give birth to their child at the right time.
  • We all know that HIV is a harmful virus. Anyone can get AIDS ( Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) from HIV. That’s why people need to avoid those sexually transmitted diseases as it can create a big issue.
  • They continue their campaign for reducing the violence which has been happening against females.
  • All people should think that girls are equal to boys.  A girl has the same rights as a boy has. All the girls have equal rights like the boys.
  • If we add the girls in our economic sections( from the State of population report 2020 resource) as a report the GDP of our country may increase about three times.
  • People need to know about birth control. In many places, people have like 10 to 12 children. Though they are poor, they have many children. They increase the population too.

Full Details about State of population report 2020

If we look at the last 50 years, we can see about 142.6 million females are missing in the world. Whereas India has 45.8 million missing cases of the female.

In 1970, the number of missing cases was 61 million wherein in 2020 the number has become 142.6 million. We count the proper number, we get to see that India has 45.8 million of missing cases and China has 72.3 million of missing cases.

We know that these two countries are the largest countries according to the State of population report 2020. As a result, their missing cases of females are also a big number.

As from the report, we have seen that India and China have controlled about 90 to 95 percent of the missing females. According to the State of population report 2020, there are about 460,000 girls who were missing in between 2013 and 2017.

If we count the number every year of these two big nations, about 1.2 million to 1.5 million girls were killed using the sex determination process. That’s why the sex determination method is strictly prohibited now to every hospital, nursing home, and municipalities.

Missing Girls in The World
Missing Girls in The World

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Some Other Details About State of population report 2020

According to the State of population report 2020, girls are more talented than girls. They have more merits than the boys if we see the average.

That’s why we need to change the mentality of society for the betterment of the girls. They need to change the society for the women empowerment.

From the State of population report 2020, we get to know that if this will continue until 2055 in India, it may cause a big issue.

Marriage squeeze may occur which means the number of brides is greater than the number of grooms. In some countries, we get to see that this problem has already arisen.

As a result, one time may come when the child marriage will start and you need to buy the girls for the rupee.

There are mainly three issues which are girl genital mutilation, child marriage, and torture against the daughters.  According to the State of population report 2020, there are 4.1 million of missing cases of genital mutilation.

There are 33000 girls under the age of 18 who are being forced to get married in their childhood. When they need to study, they get married.

How the issue can be cured?

  • We need to do a campaign in every place around the world and do awareness camps.
  • If the whole world can invest about 3.4 billion USD per year, the issue may be soluted. But it needs still about 10 years. State of population report 2020 has told the news.
  • The government should provide free books, school fees, school uniforms, etc.
  • There should be a campaign in India which is ” Apna Beti Apna Dhan“.



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