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Space Technology & Exploration mainly uses space exploration technology. Scientists classify the satellites and the rockets as their functions.

Space Technology & Exploration| Satellites & Rockets

Space exploration science and technology are used to explore outer space. It is the use of space technology and astronomy. The internet, camera sensors are examples.

Space Technology

The aerospace industry or space science develops space technology. Scientists use this in spaceflight, space exploration, etc. Space Technology & Exploration This technology improves the economy of employing scientists and engineers and creates new gadgets that help in our daily lives. NASA invents the technology of vacuum cleaners.

Space Exploration

Space Exploration is the main use of space technology. The scientists of space missions have conducted four different types of space exploration which are flyby, orbiter, rover, and human space explorations. It helps to identify the place of people in the universe. Space Technology & Exploration helps to connect with other nations.

Space Technology & Exploration
Satellites In The Space

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About Satellites & Rockets | There Types 

Satellite is a semi-independent device which has a specific job. Rocket is a type of missile that helps to launch artificial satellites.

What is Satellite

Satellite is a computer-controlled device. Every satellite has a particular role like communication, power generation, thermal control, weather checking, etc.

Types of Satellite 
  • Astronomical Satellite
  • Bio satellite
  • Communication satellite
  • Geosynchronous satellite
  • Geostationary satellite
  • Earth Observation satellite
  • Navigational satellite
  • Killer satellite
  • Crewed spacecraft
  • Miniaturized satellite
  • Recovery satellite
  • Tether satellite
  • weather satellite
  • Drone satellite
  • Ground satellite
  • Polar satellite
Different Types Of Satellites
Different Types Of Satellites

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Astronomical Satellite: These satellites‘ job is to find the galaxy, the Planets which are far away from earth, to observe them, and to notify us.

Bio satellite: It is normal for scientific experiments like a living organism.

Communication satellite: For telecommunications people use these satellites. Their location is in the space station. This satellite is of four types: LEO ( Low Earth Orbit), MEO( Medium Earth Orbit), GEO( Geostationary Earth Orbit), HEO( Highly Elliptical Orbit).

Geosynchronous satellite: These satellites stay in the orbit of the earth. It takes 24 hours to complete the earth. It moves like an eight pattern. Syncom 2 is an example of this. Space Technology & Exploration

Geostationary satellite: Except geosynchronous satellite All the communication satellites(LEO, HEO, MEO) are Geostationary satellites. It takes 24 hours to complete the orbit of the earth. These satellites don’t move and are about 35,788 km far away from earth.

Earth Observation satellite: This is especially for the observation of earth. Basically non-military services like meteorology, map making, etc. Use this.

Navigational satellite: When people want to detect the location of some device or some other people, they use this satellite for that purpose. It uses radio signals to locate the accurate position of the receiver. There is a line between the satellite and the mobile receiver.

Killer satellite: Scientists use it to destroy the space assets affecting the earth, the other satellites, etc.

Facts About satellite Space Technology & Exploration

Crewed spacecraft: This is also one type of satellite. This is large. People can travel in space with this type of spaceplane. It is reusable. More satellites

Miniaturized satellite: These satellites have very low masses. For mini-satellites, it is 500-1000 kg, for micro-satellite the mass is under 100 kg, and the nanosatellites have 10 kg mass.

Recovery satellite: When some payloads travel from orbit to earth, it can crash. That’s why scientists use these satellites to recover. It recovers reconnaissance, space products.

Tether satellite: A thin cable connects these satellites with another satellite. The cable is known as the tether.

Weather satellite: People send these satellites to observe the Earth’s atmosphere and climate.

Drone satellite: A drone satellite refers to an unpiloted spacecraft. It’s another name is UAV. People use this for military purposes only.

Ground satellite: It is like a radio station. People use it for telecommunication. These types of satellites are normally on the earth’s surface.

Polar satellite: This type of satellite moves from one pole to another. The polar satellites give meteorological information to us.

Different Types Of Rockets
Different Types Of Rockets


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What is Rockett

Rocket is like a missile, spacecraft, aircraft, or another vehicle. People use rockets for fireworks, launching artificial satellites. Firecracker is an example of a rocket.

Types Of Rocket

  • Solid-Fuel Rocket
  • Liquid-Fuel Rocket
  • Ion Rocket
  • Plasma Rocket

Solid-Fuel Rocket: The oldest rocket is a solid-fuel rocket. When the Chinese invented the gun powder, this type of rocket is of that time. Here people use various types of solid chemicals for making one type of mixture. Nitroglycerin is the main thing here. Here it is easy to store fuel comparing to liquid fuel. Space Technology & Exploration

Liquid-Fuel Rocket: The liquid-fuel rockets use liquid material. The first-ever satellite contained liquid material. The rockets can also be bipropellant which allows the fuel to burn after mixing.

Ion Rocket: Ion rocket takes the electrical energy from the solar cells. Here the xenon ions help to get charged.

Plasma Rocket: VASIMR( Variable Specific Impulsive Magnetoplasma Rocket) normally works after the process of generation of plasma. Space Technology & Exploration The negative ions of hydrogen atoms produce this. This type of rocket is newer in development.

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