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The quantity of the freshwater is very low on the earth as the big part ocean carries the saltwater. People should use the freshwater carefully and they should keep the water neat and clean. People must keep aware of the scarcity of water as we all know that water is life.

Water On Earth In Percentage
Water On Earth In Percentage


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Percentage Of Water On Earth | Fresh & Salty

In the earth when the water takes the seventy-one percentage, the salty water already takes 96.5%. of the water. Then the freshwater and saline water take 3.5 percentage both. Ocean takes the saltwater and the icebergs, ice caps, glaciers take the freshwater. But yet all the fresh water is not available to us.

Percentage Of Water On Earth

In the earth, the water covers about 71% where saltwater consumes 96.5%( ocean) and the freshwater consumes 3.5%(ice caps and glaciers). The freshwater groundwater takes about 30.1% and ice caps, glaciers take 68.7%. In this again lakes contain 20.9% and ground ice and permafrost contain 69%.

Percentage Of Water On Earth
Fresh Water

Fresh Water

When less than 500 ppm or parts per million of dissolved salts like calcium ions, magnesium ions are present in the water, we can call this type of water is freshwater. In icecaps, icebergs, we can see the fresh waters. Antarctica contains about 1.7% of the total freshwater. The natural resources like waterfalls, rain, the waters coming from the hills contain freshwaters.

Salty Water

The density of the salt is high in the salty water like seawater. People use this saltwater mainly in thermoelectric power plants. For mining processes ( 5%)and industrial training (53%), people use the saltwater. The density of the water depends upon the salinity of the water as the density of the water increase with the increase of the salinity.

Pollution Effects On Water

In the industrial areas the dirty oil and water mix in the rivers. As a result, the water gets polluted. Most of the poor people reside near the industrial areas and as a result, they have to face a lot of problems.

Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs when the poisoned materials- oil, dirty water mix with any river, stream, ocean, or any kind of water source and effect on the life of the people and the environment. Farmers use toxic chemicals to kill the kits but in the raining time the harmful toxins flow with the water and mix up in the pond or river. Thus how also water pollution occurs.

Water Pollution
Water Pollution

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Scarcity Of Water

In a region or area, when sufficient water is not available for the people, the water demand gets higher and then people have to face the problems. It effects on hunger, education, etc. From the resources, we get to know that about 1.2 billion people or more than that people cannot get fresh water to drink. Sub-Saharan Africa has many nations that lack access to drinking water.

Causes Of Water Scarcity

  • Water pollution is the main reason for the scarcity of water. The industrial oils after mixing with the streams or rivers or other resources, poison those waters badly and affect the environment. Farmers use pesticides and fertilizers in the farms but in the rainy season, those harmful chemicals get mixed with the river, stream, or pond. As a result, underground water becomes unable to drink for us.
  • Overpopulation always is another main reason for this. In some industrial areas, when the population becomes larger, people need more resources of fresh water so that the demand for water can be balanced. The diversity of the environment also changes the demand for water.
  • On the agricultural side, the demand for fresh water is very much high. People use too much clean water but 60% of fresh water is wasted here that takes the fertilizers from farms and effect on the human population.
Scarcity Of Water
Scarcity Of Water

How To Save Water

  • People should keep water neat and clean. They should not throw the rubbish anywhere as they want. They have to clean the beaches and the sides of the river. We must throw the rubbish into the waste bin.
  • We should use water wisely because in many places the demand for water is very high. The scarcity of water is seen in many places. But in the riverside areas, the people waste the water. They should look to save the water.
  • Don’t throw the chemicals, medicines anywhere. People should contact their local authority and ask if there is any chemical disposal plan or not.
  • People should use liquids or the materials which are healthy for the environment. In public places, they need to use it.

If someone lives near about the riverside areas, he or she should plant the trees so that the chemicals can not go easily to the river when it rains.



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