Oil Spill in Russia, Effects on the Environment, Norilsk Pollution level: Oil Spill in Russia:-Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared a state of emergency in the northern part of the Siberian area as the Artic oil has mixed in the Ambarnaya river in the first week of June.

Oil Spill in Russia | How & Where this Happened?

The amount of oil( diesel) is more than 20,000 tons. This incident occurred near the city of Norilsk. It caused significant damage to the environment.

The Volga river provides most of the water in Russia. Many rivers provide water in the Siberia parts. But Russia has set up many industries like copper, nickel factories. As a result, the area which is always safe and clean became the most polluted area in Russia. The length of the river is about 60 kilometers in Russia.

Effects on the Environment
Effects on the Environment

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Why Russia Declared an Emergency?

Oil Spill in Russia when the diesel licked into this river, the color of the river has changed. It has become red. That’s why Russia has declared an emergency in this area. Soldiers keep tight attention in this area. Russia gave a barricade in this river to stop the spreading of diesel. This controls that part of the water. If you look from the map by zooming from the satellite, you can see some parts of the river taking a red color.

This incident occurred when a fuel tank at a power plant near the Siberian town Norilsk collapsed. As a result, the director of this power plant got arrested. Vyacheslav Starostin has been taken into custody till 31st July. But he is not charged yet.

Lives of species Fishes

This disaster got many lives, spoiled any species, etc after the Oil Spill in Russia. Fishermen can’t get many fishes. Most of the fishes died for this oil. Those people who live their livelihood by doing fishing got a big problem. The fishing industry has finished. This disaster even hurts humans. Russian government told his people that this might take about 8-10  years.

The companies get funds from the Russian Central Government for the maintenance of oil tankers. But the quantity of corruption is very high. Most of the people like managers, employees, took the money.

Pollution Effects on Species Fishes
Pollution Effects on Species Fishes

Effects on the Environment | How it can be Clean?

  1. Environment effects

  • Water pollution: water pollution is the basic result of oil spills. When the oil is mixed into the water, there comes a new substance which is “mousse”. This is more sticky than oil. It can cause severe damage to the life cycle of the environment. Many birds can die when they are attracted to the smell of the substance.
  • Ecological problems: Because Oil Spill in Russia animals may suffer several effects on their feathers like if a seal pup gets in a touch of the oil, their fur will break down. This can cause hypothermia. This reason also causes bird deaths. This oil creates toxins. That’s why, if one animal will eat the oil, the food chain may be in danger. There is seen a long term effect in the reptiles. They produce thinner eggshells. Algae and seagrass became spoiled. This can destroy the entire ecosystem.
  1. Social effects

In social life, oil spills have a big effect. The people who have got many problems, need to take help from the government. They must need government assistance to continue their livelihood. This also destroyed the sea life.

  1. Economic effects

The Russian government has already said that it may take about ten years to clean the river and the environment near the Norilsk city. This disaster can cause hundreds of billions of dollars to clean the oil spill, revenue the public loss, etc.

Rivers in Russia earth-24.com
Rivers in Russia earth-24.com

How it can be Clean

Using oil booms

  • In this case, the containment booms need to clean the oil. It collects oil and gathers in one place. This method is very ordinary. People can clean the oil easily with this process.

Using skimmers

  • after confining the oil by oil booms, the skimmers or oil scoops help to take them in a boat. This is used to remove the contaminants from the surface of the water. People use the skimmers as a vacuum cleaner as it sucks up the oil from the water surface.

Using sorbents

  • sorbents are very helpful in the field of agriculture. After Oil Spill in Russia, It soaks up by either absorption process. It can pull in the oil through pores and form a layer on the surface. Hay, peat moss, straw, and vermiculite are the common materials used in these methods. Both processes are easy to clean the oil.

Using Dispersants

  • when the oil spills occur in a large amount, this method is the ultimate way to clean the oil. People use it when other processes don’t work. It works very fast. Here, the dispersal agents like Corexit 9500 are the materials that people spray upon the oil spills with the help of aircraft. Sometimes people use boats. These chemicals broke down the natural or fundamental components of the oil spills.


  • In the bioremediation process, different types of classes such as algae, fungi, bacteria, and archaea are used to break the molecules into smaller parts. The molecules are mainly fatty acids and carbon dioxide.




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