India China Relation 2020, China’s Relation with other Neighbours, Explained:- China is very strong in trade and business.

This nation borders 14 countries which are- India, Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, and North Korea. China has friendly relations with some countries where some countries have critical relations.

India China Relation 2020 | Border Issue Between 2 Asian Giants

The Sino-Indian war( known as Indo-China war) made the relation complicated between them. This war has been continuing for Aksai Chin which is under Xinjiang from China’s view or in Jammu and Kashmir according to India.

India China Relation 2020 Since 5 May 2020, Chinese and Indian troops have reportedly engaged in aggressive actions, face-offs, and skirmishes at locations along the Sino-Indian border, including near the disputed Pangong Lake in Ladakh. 20 Indian soldiers died in the clash between Indian China, China did not release any official data about their soldiers.

Galwan valley Ladakh
Galwan Valley Ladakh India China Relation 2020

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Other Relation between India China

India China Relation 2020: there are perfect tourism and business relationship between these two giant countries. Both countries have a huge population. Religious has been combining the relations between these countries from their exitance. This is the oldest form of connection between them. India China Relation 2020 We know that the origination of Buddhism is in India and later this religion has spread across China with the help of pilgrimages( Mount Kailash in Tibet). But this is not enough to control peaceful relations as you can see current India China Relation 2020.

China’s Relation With its Neighbours

∆ Friendly Relation with China:

  1. Kazakhstan: this country is famous for its large oil and gas. The people of Kazakhstan have approx similar cultures and traditions as the people of Xinjiang. The silk root between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan controls the culture since the 15th century. Now, many people of Kazakhstan resides in Xinjiang and near the Tianshan Mountain. Anyone can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, etc.
  2. North Korea: these two countries are very good trade partners. They have a good business relationship. There is a tourism industry in China which is coming from North Korea. They love to travel to China. As a result, the relationship has also increased strongly. If we count, we will get to see that most of the Chinese minorities are the minorities of North Korea. In Liaoning and Jelin, many Korean people can be seen.
  3. Laos: this country is to the east of Vietnam. This nation has a large historical link with China, mainly in the Yunnan region. No religion has originated from here. Laos have similar regions as China has.
  4. Myanmar: this southeast nation is mainly famous for its Buddhism and awesome spiritual activities. This country is one of the nations which borders with Yunnan region. There is a transporting route that is made very strategically. It is a trade route connected with China.
  5. Nepal: Nepal has the highest peak mountain range in the world. Mount Everest is in this country. This is the best spectacular scene all over the world. The border helps Nepal to get free from China and India. This is the main attraction scenery in Nepal.

∆ Best friend relation with China:

Pakistan: this country has a strong relationship with China. Pakistan always used to support every decision taken by China. Even Pakistan has shared its region of  Himalayas with China to make a good friendship. Pakistan gives its side with China on multiple issues. This country has stretched a highway from Karakoram mountain range to China National Highway 314.

The South China Sea disputes

The South China Sea disputes involve both island and maritime claims among several sovereign states within the region, namely Brunei, the People’s Republic of China, (Taiwan) Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

South China Sea Dispute
South China Sea Dispute

∆ Neutral Relation with China:

  1. Kyrgyzstan: the old cultures and empires of this nation are very similar to Tajikistan. The minorities of this country have also gone to reside in Xinjiang.
  2. Tajikistan: it is a small country where there is a lack of wealth. The number of minorities is very high in this nation. They have Pamir Mountain Range which resides in the border. This mountain is the most beautiful area in Tajikistan. This mountain connects with the significant silk road as a major station. As a result, their number of minorities is decreasing.
  3. Afghanistan: there is a 64-kilometer long border between China and Afghanistan. It is in the Wakhan valley in the river. There is a friendly and calm relationship. They provided a road to cross the border.

∆ Critic Relation with China:

  1. Bhutan: this is a small country near the Himalayan Mountain Range. It borders with Tibet and serves as a trade station.
  2. Mongolia: this nation is in between China and Russia. It separates those two countries. They have very difficult geographical features to be defined. This climate doesn’t preferable to most humans. Many of them have chosen to reside in China for uninhabitable conditions.
  3. Vietnam: in those days, Vietnam has extended its border in the Guangxi region. Most of the tourists prefer to visit here after visiting China.
China's Relation with other its Neighbours
China’s Relation with other its Neighbours

Russia Relation with China:

Russia: the border which is in between these two large political nations has been creating many issues. Both countries don’t take any interest to share their borders. The Western part of Russia, which is not large, has connected with Xinjiang and the bigger part of Eastern Russia has connected with Heilongjiang. Russia is also not happy due to India China Relation 2020 because both countries are friendly for Russia.

Russia borders its northern part with China. These two countries have the 6th longest international border though Mongolia has separated them as it is at the center. The Eastern section controls 26 border crossings in which there are three cross-border railways. The number is increasing very soon. It has the Trans-Siberian Railway crossing Manchuria. Despite having many issues between them, they have been continuing a good trade relationship for the betterment of both nations. India China Relation 2020

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