Fruits and Vegetables Fruit arrives from the flower of the plant and the rest of the plant is known as a vegetable. The fruit consists of seed whereas the vegetable consists of leaves, stems, roots.

Different types of fruit and vegetable give different types of vitamins and minerals.  Every vitamin and mineral we get is essential for our body. It protects us from different diseases and makes us fit. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables | Health Benefits & Storage Process

There are different storage processes for fruit and vegetable

fruits;- avocado turns brown if it is kept sliced. so it must not be sliced then u can keep it in the refrigerator for more than 2 weeks.

Most of the watery fruits like grapes and cheeky, strawberry do not stay long as the moisture content spoil them so they should be kept removing all moisture. Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables;- vegetables like potatoes, onions do not require refrigeration. so they can keep at room temperature but green vegetables should be kept in a reusable food storage bag.

What is Fruit

The fruit is a part of a tree and plant with a seed inside and we can eat it. It is natural that we get from plants. the fruit is considered sweet.

The fruit is of 4 types

  1. Simple fruit:- Simple fruit develops from a single ovary of a single flower. like grape, tomato
  2. aggregate fruit:- Aggregate develops from a separate ovary of a single flower.
  3. Multiple fruits
  4. Accessory fruit
Health Benefits fruits
Health Benefits fruits | Fruits and Vegetables

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Health Benefits of Fruits

Fruit provides us different vitamins and minerals .they are highly rich in fiber and rich in antioxidants. Which reduces the risk of different diseases. Fruits and Vegetables

No single fruit provides all the essential vitamin and minerals which are needed by the body. Fruits and Vegetables.

So one should take every fruit in its daily diet.

Write Here Some health benefits and explain all

  • Grapes – grapes are rich in citrus fruit. It helps in reducing body weight and reduces insulin levels.
  • Pineapple:– Pineapple is rich in vitamin c and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Avacado:- avocado is rich in healthy fats and potassium. It promotes heart health.
  • Blueberries:- it has a high antioxidant capacity. Protect the body from illness
  • Apple:- it is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, fiber and reduces the risk of disease. And improve digestion.
  • Pomegranate:- it is rich in antioxidant and protect our body from disease.
  • Strawberry:- it is rich in nutrient and antioxidants .eating them control blood sugar levels.
  • Cranberries:- cranberries are rich in antioxidant and nutrient and also prevent urinary tract infection
  • Lemons:- lemons are rich in vitamin c. Helps in reducing body weight and reducing kidney stones.
  • Durian:- durian is known as the King of fruits. durian is rich in nutrients and has many health benefits.
  • Watermelon:- it is high in water and is full of antioxidants. It has a powerful antioxidant known as lycopene.
  • Cherry:- Cherry is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It has melatonin which improves the quality of sleep.
  • Papaya:- papaya is rich in antioxidants. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

Vitamins Found in Fruits

Fruits Name Vitamins Found
Apricot Vitamin A, vitaminB1,vitamin B2,vitaminB6,vitamin C, folic acid
Artichoke Vitamin A, vitaminB1,vitamin B2,vitaminB6 ,vitamin C folic acid
Avocado Vitamin A, vitaminB1, vitaminB2, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid
Tomato Vitamin A, vitaminB1,vitaminB2,vitamin C, vitamin B6,folic acid
Pineapple Vitamin A, vitaminB1,vitaminB2,vitaminC,

VitaminB6,folic acid

Raspberry Vitamin A, vitaminB1,vitaminB2,vitaminC, vitaminB6,folic acid
Plum Vitamin A, vitamin B1,vitaminB2,vitamin C, vitaminB6 folic acid


What is Vegetable

A plant or part of a plant is known as a vegetable .vegetable is part that could be used to make food.

Some vegetables are needed to be cooked some are eaten raw like cabbage needs to be cooked first and radish or carrot can be eaten without cooking. Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables have many benefits for our body. Every vegetable does not carry all the nutrients or vitamins so every vegetable is important for our body. Fruits and Vegetables

Health Benefits of Vegetables
Health Benefits of Vegetables | Fruits, and Vegetables

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Health Benefits of Vegetables

There are many health benefits of vegetables. Vegetables are low in calories and fat.

It has many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.

Some vegetables are raw, cooked, frozen, cut up, or mashed

Some are as follows:-

  • Spinach:- green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals, iron, antioxidants.
  • Kale:- It provides a good amount of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K
  • Garlic:- It has natural antibiotic properties.

All vegetables are healthy in one or another.  It has lots of fiber. Low in fat and calories, Some are as follows;-

  • Tomato; Tomato contain lycopene and it is a powerful antioxidant
  • Carrot – it is good for healthy eyesight. And has cancer-fighting properties. Carrots are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A
  • Sweet potato – sweet potatoes are more nutritious than white potatoes. They are lower in carbs, higher in fiber, beta carotene, and calcium.

Some types of vegetables are:-

  1. Leafy vegetables- spinach, lettuce
  2. Cruciferous – cabbage, cauliflower
  3. Marrow – pumpkin, cucumber
  4. Root – potato, sweet potato
  5. Edible stem:- celery, asparagus

Vitamins Found in Vegetables

Vegetable Name Vitamins Found
Asparagus It is a good source of foliage, source of. Fiber

Riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin k, vitamin C

Lettuce Source of vitamin C, a good source of foliate
Brussels sprouts Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, dietary fiber, riboflavin
Fiber Watercress VitaminC, vitamins  A, a good source of folate.
Turnip Vitamin C, a good source of folate, Niacin, calcium.
Yams The highest source of carbohydrate, good source folate, vitamin A, vitaminB6, contain potassium, it is a good source of beta-carotene


Differences Between Fruits and Vegetables

  • The fruit is a part of a plant with a seed inside whereas the vegetable is part of the plant. Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fruit consist of seed whereas vegetable consists of root, leaves, stem
  • Fruit and vegetable are rich in antioxidants.
  • There are many fruits referred to as vegetables including tomatoes, avocado.
  • The fruit has a sweet taste and vegetable savior taste.

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