Energy Types, Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Sources,  Hydropower Energy, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Daily Energy Conservation,  How To Save Energy. :-  In this era, people prefer to use renewable energy instead of using nonrenewable energy like fossil fuels, coal, etc.

We get renewable power from energy. Hydropower energy generates electricity when nuclear energy also gives the same but by splitting the Uranium atom (nuclear fission).

Energy Types
Renewable Energy Sources


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Energy Types | Solar Wind Geothermal & Coal

We can classify energy as nonrenewable energy and renewable energy. People should use renewable energy which helps to keep the environment neat and clean. People use solar energy for producing heat and lighting, wind energy for milling grain, geothermal energy to raise the plants in the greenhouse, and also the coal.

Energy Types

Energy means the ability to do any type of work. It is normally of 10 types such as mechanical energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy, chemical energy, electromagnetic energy, sonic energy, gravitational energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, and ionization energy.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy refers to an energy that comes from natural resources like sunlight, water, wind, etc.  which only depend upon the weather.  People should use this energy to avoid fossils fuels, coal so that these could not affect the environment and could not pollute natural resources like water, wind, etc.

Renewable Resources

  • Solar energy: produce heat and use for lighting.
  • Wind energy: people mill the grains by this energy.
  • Water energy: people use this energy to milling grain. People call this also hydro energy.
  • Biomass energy: people use wood for cooking and heating.
Hydroelectricity & Hydro Power Plant
Hydroelectricity & Hydro Power Plant


Hydropower describes the energy that converts from fast running water into electricity. The rivers, dams, turbines are the main ingredients. Niagra Falls, the grand coulee dam are the examples of it.

Hydro Power Plant Its Process

  • At first, the waterfalls upon the hydropower plants, and as a result, the plants turn generated energy into electricity.
  • There is a turbine that helps to convert the kinetic energy into mechanical energy.
  • At last, the generator turns the mechanical energy into electricity.

Coal Energy

Coal is a brownish-black rock that has formed from sediment deposited by air or water. It contains a huge quantity of carbons and hydrocarbons.

Types of coal

  1. Peat
  2. Lignite
  3. Bituminous
  4. Anthracite


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Wind Energy

When people use turbines to generate energy with the help of wind, the kinetic energy ( known as wind energy) turns into mechanical power. It is renewable energy which is never exhaustible and also helps to keep the environment neat and clean by reducing the usage of fossils fuels.

Wind Energy Works

  • At first, the wind hits the blades of the turbine and forces it to move so that it can create kinetic energy.
  • After starting to move, the blades of the turbine turn a shaft within the box.
  • Then the shaft starts to move a generator that converts the energy to electric energy.
  • After that, the generator converts the electric energy to the required voltage of the local area network.
  • At last, the electricity goes to the electricity grid and starts to supply the current to the whole area.

Thus how the wind energy works.

Nuclear Energy

In controlled nuclear reactions, when the large atoms split, the huge quantity of energy is released. This nuclear energy creates nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Actually, a people use turbine generator which converts the steam ( people use heat to produce it after splitting the Uranium atom) to the electricity. This energy is none other than a strong force that helps to keep bind the nucleus.

Solar Energy

Solar power plants, Solar Thermal Energy capture the solar radiation of the Sun and convert the solar energy into electricity. It is very useful to use because it reduces the use of fossils, coal, oils, etc, and helps to decrease the rate of water pollution, air pollution. And the main thing to discuss is that solar energy is renewable energy.


Energy Conservation Efficiency | How It Works

Conservation Energy and energy efficiency are very much related to one side but there is a huge difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency in the world of energy. Energy conservation means the normal practice of having use of less energy like switching off the bulbs, fans, or lights when someone leaves the room. Energy efficiency on another side means to use technology by using less energy.

How Energy Conservation Efficiency works

  • People should turn off electronic systems or gadgets like heater, cooling units, computers, printer, etc. when they are out of their rooms.
  • Energy-efficient globes could save approx 80 percent lighting bills. The LED bulbs use very much less power.
  • When you want to cool the room, you should close the doors and windows. Otherwise it will take more time to cool the room.
  • People can save many rupees by cleaning clothes normally.
  • In our homes, the fridge runs approx 24 hours throughout a day. We should consume that we close the door of the fridge tightly.
  • People can use also solar energy which helps them to reduce electricity bills.



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