Natural resources play a crucial role in our daily lives. Today we will discuss the Effects of Natural Resources Depletion. Human-made resources are also a part of our daily life.

But if we don’t use these resources properly, we may see the worst Effects of Natural Resources Depletion. It can cause the extinction of the animals’ lives also.

Effects of Natural Resources Depletion | Causes & Solution

Natural resources are usually both renewable and non-renewable. When natural resources are depleted, we can see harmful effects on the environment like water shortage, global warming, and so on.

What is Natural Resource Depletion

Do you know What are the effects of Natural Resources Depletion? When the consumption of natural resources becomes quicker than its replenishment, then we call it as natural resource depletion. There are many bad effects of natural resource depletion.

Dry lake due to Effects of Natural Resources Depletion
Dry lake due to Effects of Natural Resources Depletion

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Natural Resources and their Needs

  1. Water

As freshwater is a renewable resource, therefore it is very essential for us.

  1. Soil

It is also a vital natural resource for us as soil helps in food production. 

  1. Timber

People use timber to make lumber that is used further in construction. We use timber to create paper products, fibreboard, hardboard, plywood, and particleboard.

  1. Salt

Salt is actually sodium chloride. About 40% of this natural resource is used in the chemical industries. Effects of Natural Resources Depletion.

  1. Oil

We use oil to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, propane, and asphalt. It has also used in the petrochemical industry (plastics, synthetic rubber, and chemicals).

  1. Natural Gas

It plays a crucial role in delivering about 22% of the nation’s energy. It helps in heating, cooking, and generation of electricity.

  1. Coal

This resource is the major source of fuel in recent times. It is used to produce electricity.

  1. Iron

It has many usages on regular days. We use it for making electrical wiring and conduit, pipes, tools, hinges, etc.

  1. Bauxite

Most of the aluminum metals are made from it.

  1. Helium

Helium has the main usage in MRI scanners and NMR spectrometers and satellite instruments. Effects of Natural Resources Depletion

Natural Resources vs Man-Made

Natural Resources
Man-Made Resources
1 Nature provides resources.

2 These are helpful in economic development

3 These are not made by humans.

4 These can be both renewable and non-renewable.

5 Ex- Land, water, forest, are examples of natural resources

1 Humans make these resources.

2  We use these for our utility.

3 These are made by humans.

4 Most of these are renewable.

5 Ex- Machine, street, vehicle, etc.

Why Natural Resources is Important
Why Natural Resources is Important | Effects of Natural Resources Depletion

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Why Natural Resources is Important

When it comes to the development of the country, usually both natural and man-made resources are important. But the natural resource is the one that leads the main role.

For instance, fossil fuels are beneficial in generating energy where mineral resources are helpful for industrial development. Now, we are going to discuss the effects of Natural Resources Depletion. Let’s have a look.

Effects of Natural Resource Depletion

Natural resources take a leading role in developing countries. That’s why we should protect the natural resources so that we can get rid of any type of bad effect of natural resources depletion.

Here, we have given a few effects of natural resource depletion. Let’s have a look at these. Effects of Natural Resources Depletion.

Air pollution

Deforestation is the main reason for causing air pollution. We know that trees help to reduce all the harmful gases, especially Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

That is why we need to protect our environment by saving trees.  If we don’t do it, we may have to face the effect of natural resource depletion.

Health effects

The effect of natural resource depletion can also be seen in our health as it causes several fatal diseases such as lung cancer and other diseases.

Global warming

We can see the effect of natural resources depletion on global warming too. As natural resources are decreasing, the number of harmful gases are increasing in the atmosphere that causes global warming. Effects of Natural Resources Depletion.

Loss of forests

As we cut forests, the main natural resource is getting reduced. Therefore, it will cause deforestation. It is one of the bad effects of natural resource depletion. 

And it is mainly seen in the Amazonian Rainforest where people are cutting most of the trees. Effects of Natural Resources Depletion.

Extinction of animals and plants

Due to the deforestation, animals and plants are going to be extinct. this is also one of the main effects of natural resource depletion.  We destroy the home of many animals by extracting the forest.

Water shortages

Water shortage is also a severe problem in recent days that is an effect of natural resource depletion. 

When the pollutants, industrial wastes get mixed with rivers and lakes, it causes a water shortage that is going to be a major problem in the future for sure.

Causes Natural Resource Depletion


It is also a reason for natural resource depletion. Because of overpopulation, the use of natural resources is also increasing that causes depletion of natural resources.


It is a very significant matter to consider the aspect of how we deal with the wastes. When we throw away the waste anywhere, the natural resources are getting harmed.

Causes Natural Resource Depletion
Causes Natural Resource Depletion | Effects of Natural Resources Depletion


Solution for Natural Resource Depletion

Reduction in consumption

It is an excellent solution to control natural resource depletion. As soon as we use old items or we try to recycle old products, we don’t need to produce new products.

Therefore, the production of waste will get reduced. By following this process, you can prevent the worst effects of Natural Resources Depletion.

Save electricity

Nowadays, we are more dependable on electricity and electronic gadgets. Therefore, the use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets is increasing. It results in an increase of e-wastes that can become the reason for natural resource depletion.

That’s why using fewer electronic gadgets can be a smart decision. We should try to pursue this habit in terms of avoiding the bad effects of Natural Resources Depletion.

We have discussed here the effects of Natural Resources Depletion, The Team of requests you to save our Natural resources, like water, tree, etc because without natural resources there is no future.

Thanks for reading the effects of Natural Resources Depletion. please leave your feedback in the comment box… Thanks Again.


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