Effects of Air pollution on Human Health:- Air pollution is one type of pollution which means the contamination of air. When harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Sulfer dioxide, dust, amount of smoke increase in the air, it results in air pollution.

For this, we get to see many effects of Air pollution on human health such as asthma, lung problems, issues in the Nervous system, etc.

Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health | Types And the Environmental Problem

When air pollution occurs in the environment, it affects our physical and psychological well-being in different ways. Our organs like the liver, the lung can damage due to the effects of Air Pollution on Human Health.

  • Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health is increasing day by day. And it becomes a great matter of tension. As a result, people have to face harmful diseases like asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, heart attacks and strokes, and even cancer.
  • Child health problem is one of the big effects of Air Pollution on Human Health. In case the air pollutants harm the lungs in the earlier stage of life, children may face big issues like asthma, underdeveloped brains, respiratory infections, and many more.
  • During the pregnancy of women, you need to be aware of the effects of Air Pollution on Human Health. You must take the necessary steps as it may cause autism, premature birth, miscarriages, etc.
  • Global warming has a major effect on Air Pollution on Human Health. As the temperature of the earth is getting increased daily, therefore it causes air pollution.
  • The harmful air pollutants like Sulfer dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc causes acid rain which spoils crops and causes diseases to human and animal. It is one of the bad effects of Air Pollution on Human Health.
  • Eutrophication is a big effect of Air Pollution on Human Health. As a few air pollutants contain a high amount of Nitrogen, therefore these turn themselves into Algie which results in bad further for animals and humans.
  • When the number of harmful air pollutants such as chlorofluorocarbons, Hydrofluorocarbons increase, then the ozone layer is starting to deplete. As the ozone layer saves us from UV rays, therefore it is vital for our environment.
  • The effects of Air Pollution on Human Health are also seen in the reproductive organs, liver, spleen, and blood. The damaged nervous system is also one of the effects of Air Pollution on Human Health.
Effects of Air Pollution
Effects of Air Pollution | Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health

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Types of Air Pollution

  1. Visible air pollution: When we can see the air pollutants, then we call it as visible air pollution. The smog is an instance of visible air pollution.
  2. Invisible air pollution: You are unable to notice this type of pollution. Air pollutants such as Carbon monoxide, Sulfer dioxide, nitrogen oxide are examples of invisible air pollutants.

Cause & Problems of Environmental Pollution

Cause Environmental Pollution Environmental Problems
  • Use of fossil fuels in industries at a high rate.
  • High use of transportation.
  • Activities in agriculture.
  • Mixing of Cruid oils in the sea.
  • Trading activities ( extra usage of plastic).
  • Making homes, industries in the wild areas.
  • Mixing of pesticides and harmful elements in the water.
  • Mixing of industrial oils into the water.
  • Climate change.
  • Deforestation.
  • Oceans and fisheries.
  • Energy.
  • Biodiversity and land use.
  • Air pollution.
  • Waste management.
  • Ozone layer depletion.


How We Can Clean Air Pollution | Solution

  • Opening the windows every day for just five minutes can be a nice way to clean the air of your surroundings. As the Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health is very high, therefore it is very effective to alleviate the harmful air pollutants.
  • You can keep plants inside your house. These will assist to make the air clean and fresh. The indoor air quality is also improved by these houseplants. For reducing formaldehyde, benzene, Xylene, Carbon monoxide, spider plants are very efficient.
  • Keeping shoes outside of your room can be a great option. Whether you enter into your room with your dirty shoes, many fungi, bacteria, dirt enters into your room also. And these air pollutants make air pollution easily. So, it would be best if you keep your shoes outside of your room.
  • Whether your home has a central AC conditioning, then your entire house must have a filtration process already. This electronic gadget can easily remove the air pollutants and filter your room. But you need to change the filter also to get better results.
  • If you clean your room with the help of toxic chemicals, then it must cause harm to your throat, nose, lung, etc. So, for cleaning the air what you need to do is to use non-toxic chemicals to keep the air of your surroundings clean.
Causes of Air Pollution
Causes of Air Pollution | Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health

New Recipes

Solution for Air Pollution

  • You can encourage people to utilize more public modes of transportation for reducing air pollution. Carpooling is a nice solution to air pollution.
  • Instead of using wooden stoves, fireplaces, you need to utilize gas logs. Also, you have to discard the usage of gas-powered lawn and gardening equipment. And what you must need to do is to use environment-friendly products.
  • Focus on clean energy technology such as solar, wind, and geothermal to get rid of the effects of Air Pollution on Human Health these days. The government of many nations permits people who are willing to install solar panels in their homes.
  • Don’t throw items anywhere. Rather than throwing it or burning it in the open air, you can go for recycling them to re-use the products.
  • You can use such gadgets that can consume less power and last long also. CFL lights can be used in this case to reduce air pollution.



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