Definition of Deforestation:- The big challenge for humans is climate change. Due to Climate change, we are facing many problems like Deforestation, Pollution, Water scarcity,

Definition of Deforestation | Enviourmental Problems

Deforestation refers to cutting down trees .. every one natural forest is distracted on a large scale which affects human life. It has effects, causes, solutions.

Forest is a resource for human life as well as animal life. In countries like Uganda people rely on firewood, timber, charcoal. loss of trees ultimately affects water quality. Definition of Deforestation

Causes of Deforestation

There are different causes of deforestation like volcanic destruction, avalanche, human activities, drought, industrial and land development, climate change, etc

  • Volcanic destruction – volcanic eruption and lava flow result in the burning of large forests and the release of harmful gases.
  • Avalanche – The avalanche or snow slide is above the tree line. Which destroys the large forest cover.
  • Human activities- There are different human activities which affect the forest cover .. like cutting down of forest for a basic requirement like timber, rubber, latex, etc
  • Drought – Due to change in temperature mainly in the summer season .. land dry due to which roots of trees also dry up which causes deforestation.
  • Industrial and land development- a large area of forest cover is cut down to meet the industrial area. Which is a reason for deforestation.
  • Climatic change – climate change also affects the forest cover. Like drought or flood.

Effects of deforestation

There are different effects of deforestation like an increase in global warming, an increase in greenhouse gas, soil erosion, flood, habitat loss, declined life quality of people, loss of biodiversity.

  • Increase in global warming – forests play a major role in the control of global warming.
  • Increase in greenhouse gas – deforestation is responsible for 20 percent of greenhouse gas.
  • Soil erosion – soil erosion refers to the removal of the topmost layer of soil being washed away due to water and wind. The topmost layer contains essential nutrients required for a plant to grow. Roots hold the soil from getting washed away.
  • Flood – excessive rain or water supply causes a flood to destroy large forest area .. all the soil get washed away with the water.
  • Habitat loss – due to the massive fall of forest cover a large number of species lose their habitat. many even become extinct. Animal-like monkey, elephant, snake Etc
  • Declined the life quality of people – many people are dependent on the forest for resources, even big industries like timber are dependent on forest cover for its requirement.
  • Loss of biodiversity – global biodiversity is located in the tropical rain forests.
Definition of Deforestation
Definition of Deforestation

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Solution for Deforestation

There are different solutions for deforestation like government intervention, ban on cutting down of trees, afforestation, reduce consumption of paper, awareness program, eating less animal meat. Definition of Deforestation

  1. Government intervention: it is necessary for the government to enforce different rules and regulations. So that people would have fear of strict action taken against misuse in cutting of forest. Definition of Deforestation
  2. Ban on cutting down trees: different acts should be induced to stop cutting down trees.
  3. Afforestation:- Planting of trees refers to afforestation. We could replace the older ones with new ones by planting more.
  4. Reduce consumption of paper:- on a daily basis the consumption is more like making books notebooks, napkins, toilet paper, etc so this should be reduced. Necessary efforts should be put on to reduce waste of paper. For making a single sheet of paper many trees are cut down.
  5. Awareness programs – There must be awareness programs to make every individual understand the importance of forest for us .. using different ways and understanding the value of each tree.
  6. Eating less animal meat -livestock rearing has become the main cause of deforestation. One should eat one meal a day would create a great effect. Definition of Deforestation

It is very important to understand the value of forests because it takes many years to grow just a single tree. we are dependent on forest area for resources. we ultimately risk our own life. Definition of Deforestation


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