Definition of Chemicals. Chemical is used in factories, labs, household, etc also used for medicinal purposes. A substance that is used in a chemical process.

When there is a reaction between 2 or more substances.

Definition of Chemical | Uses, and Disadvantages

Anything that has mass is called chemical.

Everything consisting of chemicals is called matter.

Definition of Chemical

A chemical is any substance consisting of matter. This includes any liquid, solid, or gas. A chemical is any pure substance (an element) or any mixture. Made or used in chemistry labs. A substance that is not found in nature.

Definition of Chemicals
Definition of Chemicals

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Uses of Chemicals

Uses of a chemical are as follows

Detergent:- detergent is available in powder form. It is a mixture of hydrophobic compounds like oil and grease with water.

Clothing:- Different types of chemicals are used in clothing like textile is used for making clothes .some time finished by a chemical process.

Fragrances:- Many chemicals are used in fragrances like room freshener.

Insecticides:- Insecticides are used in crops to kills insects.

Paints:- Chemical is used in paints to make it long–lasting.

Mouthwash:- Used for personal hygiene.

Aspirin:- It is used for medicinal purposes.

Sugar acts as a sweater in cooking.

A chemical that is a harmful human being

Arsenic:- Arsenic is found in apple and grapes juice and in rice and rice product. It raises the risk of cancer and other health problems.

Formaldehyde:– Formaldehyde is found in furniture made of MDF. It is found in glue adhesive and beauty products, some baby wipes. It can raise respiratory problems..

Mercury:- Mercury enters the environment through industrial waste and air pollution. when it enters water fish absorbs it through gills. And fish could be harmful. It raises problems in neurological development.

Bisphenol and phthalates:- Bisphenol and palates are addictive to plastic. bisphenol is used in drinking cups, beverage cans. It raises problems like low testosterone and male reproductive problems.

Fluoride:- Fluoride is naturally occurring found in soil and groundwater. And also found in toothpaste and mouth wash. It can rase different health problems.

Pesticide:-  Pesticide could be found in food and water.the pesticide used in crops to stop or kill weeds and insects.It raises neurobehavioral development.

Lead:- Lead could be found in older houses, toys, jewelry. It can cause a nervous system. Damage, kidney damage.

Perchlorate:- Perchlorate could be found in groundwater, drinking water, irrigation water, and also can be found in food. It can interfere with iodine absorption into the thyroid gland .iodine is required for growth and development.

Uses of Chemical in Food Items

The use of chemicals in food is in the form of food additives, food preservatives, Artificial sweetness, and antioxidants. Definition of Chemicals

Food additives:- To increase life and to make food attractive various chemicals are added to food colors flavor, and sweeteners,

Food Preservatives:- Food preservatives are substances when added to food to stop the growth of microbes. Definition of Chemicals

Artificial Sweeteners:- Excessive intake of sugar may lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Such food can be consumed by diabetic patients too. Definition of Chemicals

Antioxidants:- Antioxidants are the substances that are added to food to prevent from deterioration of food. Definition of Chemicals

Uses of Chemicals in Food Items
Uses of Chemicals in Food Items

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Use of Chemical in Medicine Product.

Anesthesia:- Anesthesia drugs are used in surgical operations.

Antibiotic:- Antibiotic drugs are prepared by microorganisms molds and fungi etc.

Antiseptic:- Antiseptic drugs help in killing microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

Antipreytics:- Antipreytics are used as a body pain reliever.

Sulpha drugs:- Sulfate drugs are mainly made from sulfur and nitrogen.

What Chemical is Used in Fertilizers

Mainly fertilizers are made of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound.

The Disadvantage of Chemicals

  • There could be organ damage.
  • Weakens the immune system.
  • There could be breathing problems like Asthma.
  • There could be a reproductive problem.
  • There could be mental illness.
  • Cancer
  • Chemical Health and Environmental \  Effect and Pollution
  • Chemicals enter the environment in different forms landfills, tanks, drums, incinerators. Definition of Chemicals
  • There could be human exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Chemicals can move through air, soil, water. Definition of Chemicals
  • Effects of the chemical industry on the environment. Definition of Chemicals
  • Harmful chemicals around the industry can affect our health in any way.
  • It can cause cancer, breathing problem, birth defect, headache, dizziness, and stress.
  • It has changed air quality to reach a global scale.
  • CFC, CO2, NOX are some of the chemicals realized in nature.
  • The positive impact of the chemical industry
  • The chemical industry has an important role in the food industry.
  • Food items are kept as a preservation, flavor, and taste enhancer.
  • Which helps to increase the shelf life of food.
  • It converts raw material into more than 70000product.
  • It helps to solve many future problems.
  • It helps in providing safe chemical water.
  • It helps to promote human and environmental health.



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