Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India, How these countries are facing this pandemic:- As we know from the news of the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India, most of the new cases are coming from these countries. Therefore, it will become a big issue for the world.

If you want to know every detail regarding these countries, you should follow the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India.

Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India | Earth-24 Blog

Here we represent the latest Coronavirus update USA Brazil India.

Coronavirus in the USA: total confirmed cases in the USA are 3,479,483 (+60,000 around ) 1,549,469 recovered where the number of deaths in the USA is 138,247 (+874).

Coronavirus in Brazil: Brazil has a total of 1,887,959 (+42,619) cases where the recovery numbers are 1,213,512 and the number of deaths is 72,921 (+1220).

Coronavirus in India: the total number of confirmed cases in India is 907,645 (+24,879) where the death numbers are 23,727 (+487) and the recovery numbers are 572,112.

Coronavirus in India
Coronavirus in India | Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India

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Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India | Total cases in three countries

As per the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India, they are holding about 60% of the new cases that occurred daily. The reasons for increasing Covid-19 cases are:-

  • They don’t maintain the social distance rules properly.
  • They open a few shops, malls, and don’t maintain the rules strictly.

Coronavirus in the USA

  • The United States of America has locked down their entire country very late. Therefore, the affected rate of COVID-19 became terrible form within those days.
  • Now, they have about 3,245,763 new cases.
  • According to the United States, the vaccine of Covid-19 can provide 50% protection from Coronavirus. The USA selected three candidates for the vaccine in the third phase of Covid-19. They are Moderna’s mRNA-1273 in July, The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca’s AZD1222 in August, and Pfizer and BioNTech’s BNT162 in September.
Coronavirus in The USA
Coronavirus in The USA | Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India

Coronavirus in Brazil

According to the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India, you can know that it becomes the second-largest country in counting the new cases and death numbers. Even the president of Brazil has got Covid-19 positive.

Coronavirus in India

From the news of the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India, we know that the government has locked down the whole country for 14 days again though this one is not as strict as the previous one.

What WHO Said | Is Coronavirus an airborne disease?

The World Health Organization provides us daily updates regarding the new number of cases of every country. They have given some rules on how to wear a mask, what are the do’s and don’ts for the people, etc.

From the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India, we get to know that the Coronavirus can spread through the air, or respiratory organs but not through the contact ways.

Coronavirus in Brazil
Coronavirus in Brazil | Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India

Airborne? What people need to do now

As per the current information, Coronavirus is spread through communication ways and the droplets of respiratory organs. In China, there is still no report about the airborne transmission of Covid-19 viruses.

In the critical situation of Covid-19, as a social person, you need to be aware enough. According to the Coronavirus update USA Brazil India,

these are the following do’s that you should follow.

  • When you touch something, you need to clean your hands for 20 seconds with sanitizer that contains more than 60% alcohol.
  • As the Covid-19 becomes a terrible form, you must know the symptoms of Coronavirus such as dry cough, breath issue, high fever, etc.
  • According to the government instructions, two persons need to take distance if at least 3ft to 6ft. All people should maintain a social distancing rule accurately.
  • If you have an emergency, then make sure that you should not go outside without wearing a mask. But the mask should be washed properly.
  • Avoid the foods of footpaths and just take only protein-containing foods so that it will help you to enhance your immunity power. You should eat only well-cooked food.
  • Always keep the helpline numbers of the COVID-19 centers to let them know about any Covid-19 patient if present nearby.
  • The testing centers lead the important role to identify the number of Covid-19 affected people. As the numbers are a few, that’s why you should add the number as much as possible.
Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus Update | Coronavirus Update USA Brazil India

Check Healthy Recipes

These jobs are for the betterment of your society but from an own point of view, you have some do’s for your sweet family which are:-

  • As the whole country is suffering from Covid-19, there might be an issue of getting enough food. Therefore, when you are going outside for some time, you need to gather food for at least five to six days. But you should bring neat and clean foods and don’t store more food so that other people have to see deficiency. Only store those foods that can stay except the refrigerator.
  • We usually need some household items like toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo. You need to purchase those items and store them so that you don’t need to go outside again and again
  • If you’re a patient and take daily medicines, then you must preserve your medicines. But avoid new medicines except consulting with a doctor.
  • Use separate thermometers and check fever as this can be dangerous to your family and you.
  • The places which are used repeatedly have to be cleaned every hour. The common places need to be sanitized each moment.


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