Environment, human beings, forests all are affected by the causes of acid rain. In this article, we will give you detail information about the causes of acid rain, as well as its effects.

Causes of Acid Rain | Why it is Bad for Nature

Humans create high pollution in industrial areas by making poisonous substances like Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides. When these compounds mix with carbon dioxide, water, oxygen, then acid rain forms. This is harmful to trees, plants, lakes, rivers, humans, etc. As the acid rain contains natural oxides, this is not harmful to human skin.

Acid Rain Information

Acid rain contains an aluminum molecule that is harmful to human beings. The average pH of the acidity level is 5-6. Let’s find out what’s are the causes of acid rain.

Acid rain is usually acidic, which means that this kind of rain contains a high level of H+ ions. When the number of hydrogen ions increases, the level of pH gets low. As a result, this can have adverse effects on animals, plants, construction, etc.

The emission of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide causes acid rain. Nitrogen oxides are produced while lightning occurs, whereas volcanic eruptions produce sulfur dioxide. These two molecules react with the molecules of water and make acids in the environment. Governments have been trying to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide since 1970.

Causes of Acid Rain Diagram
Causes of Acid Rain Diagram

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Causes of Acid Rain

Increasing the amount of sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide is one of the major causes of acid rain. Now, these harmful compounds can increase in the environment in many ways. So, let’s have a look at the causes of acid rain.

  • Human-made power plants create natural energies. But it also produces these pollutants that is the reason for acid rain.
  • The extra use of boilers may be the cause of acid rain.
  • The environment is polluted because of the intense use of vehicles like cars, buses, bikes, etc. When the amount of those compounds increases in nature, then the acid rain occurs.
  • People use fossil fuels like petroleum and coal instead of using renewable energies. Therefore, the amount of sulfur dioxide and tri oxides increases. It is one of the prime causes of acid rain.
  • A volcanic eruption is also a reason for acid rain.
  • The factories are one of the main causes of acid rain. As they produce a high amount of pollutants.
  • Weather is also a reason for acid rain.
  • When people burn fossil fuels, a high amount of sulfur dioxide is produced. This enhances the chances of acid rain.
  • The decomposition of plants is one of the main causes of acid rain.
  • When the carbon dioxide and water form carbonic acid, it reduces the pH level of rainwater. Therefore, the water turns into acid rain.
Natural Rain vs Acid Rain
Natural Rain vs Acid Rain

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Why it is Bad for Nature

  • Acid rain spoils the materials of the soil. It dissolves nutrients like magnesium and calcium. But plants and trees need these metals to be healthy. Therefore, trees are unable to get natural nutrients.
  • Trees need water to live. They suck water from the deep of soil with the help of roots. But when acid rain occurs, it increases the amount of aluminum in the soil. As a result, trees are not capable to take water from the soil.
  • Acid rain can cause fires in the forests and as a result prairie fire occurs. Therefore, many trees are destroyed and turn into ash.
  • Acid rain contains some harmful chemicals like sodium bicarbonate etc. When the rain falls into the water of lakes and rivers, the waters get poisoned. Then the frogs, the salamanders, small fishes are forced to change their lifestyles. Eutrophication is a major issue of acid rain.
  • The mountainous trees like spruce and fir trees are at big risk because of the air pollutants. As the amount of Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide, which are the causes of acid rain, are very high, the mountain trees can’t get proper oxygen. Instead of water and snow, acid is present in the water.

Acid Rain Effects On Environment

  • While the pH level is under 5, most of the fish eggs won’t hatch. Even, there is a chance of dying adult fish at the lower pH. Sometimes, some species are damaged for acid rain, and insect life is eliminated. Acid rain has also changed the biodiversity of nature.
  • Respiratory diseases are increased due to Sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide that are the main causes of acid rain. Diseases like asthma, bronchitis is seen that make it hard for people to breathe. Small particles can create harmful diseases in the lungs of people.
  • Because of the nitrogen oxides, the ozone layer of the ground increases. This ozone layer causes bronchitis, pneumonia, and other major respiratory issues.
  • Another effect of acid rain we can see in the life of aquatic animals. When a surface of water contains less pH and a high level of aluminum, it causes acid rain. And as a result, this damages the life cycle of aquatic animals.
  • There are many buildings, monuments, objects, in the world. But these become fade, and colorless for the acid rain. The statues are losing their value as they become old and worn down. The chemicals are very harmful to humans, metals, etc.
  • As we know that aluminum is a deadly molecule for human beings. When the molecule mixes with water, the pH level of water becomes under 6. That’s why as the acid rain contains aluminum, the oH level of a lake or river water reduces to 5-6 level.
  • For the acid rains, trees lose their nutrients. As a result, the infections, insects can easily attack and damage trees.
Acid Rain Effects On Environment
Acid Rain Effects On Environment

How we Can Reduce acid Rain

  • EPA’S acid rain program is very famous for reducing acid rain. The power plants produce sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide. As a result, the environment gets polluted. So, congress made a rule to produce those pollutants in a limitation.
  • The government instructs to use coles that contain less sulfur dioxide. Or you need to clean the Coles to remove sulfur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide.
  • You can reduce the amount of these compounds by using renewable resources. If you use renewable energies instead of using fossil fuels, you can reduce the amount of Sulfur dioxide. The natural energies don’t produce too many harmful chemicals.
  • The cars are the prime reason for making pollution. That’s why people use a Catalytic converter to reduce pollution. People use this for twenty years.



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