Boycott Facebook Advertisers, What is the Hate Speech & brands Issue, Earth-24:- Most of the companies that give ads orders on Facebook, take distance from the platform.

The big company like Microsoft has paused giving ads gradually from May. The social network promotes hate, racism, violence, etc. and that’s why they boycott against social media sites.

We know that a 46-year-old black man has been killed brutally by an American policeman. This was the main reason for making boycotts. And Facebook also gave misinformation about the death of George Floyd.

Boycott Facebook Advertisers | What is Hate Speech Issue?

The advertisers want some concessions from Facebook. This social media site removed about 9.6 million contents of hate speech in the first stage of 2020. Civil rights groups boycott Facebook for the identity-based wrong details and they want a third party team who reviews the matter.

What is Hate Speech Issue?

America’s President Donald Trump posted a video in December 2015. He said in his video that he had wanted to ban all the Muslims to enter the United States of America.

Some former employees and senior leaders consider that video as a hate speech. The video viral on Facebook.

Why is this campaign happening now?

The event of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar in 2017 and the event of mosque shootings in New Zealand in 2019 got a fuel when Facebook has promoted the contents of hate speech. As there is seen a lack of progress, civil rights groups became more apparent. Boycott Facebook Advertisers

The main reason for the campaign is the killing of George Floyd who is a 46-year-old Black man in Minneapolis. He was brutally killed by the American police. The white-black comparison creates a big conflict between these two.

The big brands may move on if Facebook feels concession and the result made by the third party will be published online.

Controversy On Facebook ads
Controversy On Facebook ads | Boycott Facebook Advertisers

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What do civil rights groups want Facebook to do?

They want Facebook to stop giving wrong information and remove the misinformation which is related to voting. Boycott Facebook Advertisers

Civil rights groups like the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, and the Color of Change want Facebook to stop giving recommendations or amplifying groups and content if these are associated with hate. Boycott Facebook Advertisers

Points which they suggest to Facebook

  • They want an independent third-party who searches the matter about identity-based misinformation and hate. An what the third party decided would be published online.
  • The advertisers who gave ads to Facebook and invests millions of dollars want that if any content became illegal, Facebook would refund the money as fast as possible.
  • Facebook needs to find the groups where white supremacy, militia, violent content, vaccine misinformation are discussed and need to remove the groups.
  • Facebook has to adopt policies that help to fight against hateful content.
  • Stop giving a recommendation or amplifying groups or hate content or identity-based wrong information. Boycott Facebook Advertisers
  • Make one route that creates an automatic system that flags hateful content in private groups for human review.
  • Should not permit the politicians to check the fact, delete wrong information related to vote and identity.
  • Should have expert teams to search identity-based hateful content.

Which companies have joined the campaign?

The companies who have joined the campaign Boycott Facebook Advertisers are:-

Addidas Reebok Puma
Mars Inc. Microsoft HP
Coca-Cola Starbucks Unilever
Diageo Honda America Levi Strauss
Patagonia Aviva Beam Suntory
Best Buy Birchbox Chobani
Clifbar and Company The Clorox company ConAgra
Denny’s Dunkin’s Eddie Bauer
Edgewell personal care Ford Hershey’s
The North Face JanSport Kind Snacks
Lego Lelulemon Madewell
Patreon Pfizer Puma
REI SAP Smuckers
Target Truth Initiative Vans
Verizon The Volkswagen group White Castle
Patagonia Aviva Beam Suntory
Patagonia Aviva Beam Suntory

Why Big Brands Are Supporting boycott of advertisers on social media

Big brands support the civil rights groups. They didn’t prefer the misinformation, illegal contents related to hate, etc. The wrong information about George Fyod helps the big brands to decide between supporting boycott. This is the reason for their supporting boycott of ads on social media sites.

Facebook:- Facebook has given some wrong information and said something wrong about hate speech. It also shows the open door attitude towards the post given by Donald Trump, President of America. Boycott Facebook Advertisers

Besides, Facebook has given wrong information regarding the death news of George Floyd, a 46-year black man. As he was killed by a white American policeman, the case was getting more dangerous.

Instagram:- the big company like Unilever removed ads from Instagram

Twitter:- the Unilever company also removed advertisements from Twitter.

What is the Hate Speech & brands Issue
What is the Hate Speech & brands Issue | Boycott Facebook Advertisers

How Much Facebook Lost in their Share

Starbucks(spent $95 million on Facebook last year) and Diageo($23 million on Facebook last year), the biggest spenders on Facebook advertisements, have paused the ads on all social media sites. Big ad agencies don’t give their orders on that platform.

Many big companies that spend millions of dollars per year, avoid the platform. Adidas and Reebok, Aviva, Beam Suntory, Best guy, Birchbox, and many other companies paused their advertises on Facebook for July and they are waiting for the response of Facebook.

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