10 Top Global Market, Market, World Stock Market, World Stock Index, Share Market, World Stokes Names, Sensex, Market Working Process, How Market Works. :- The global market is a procedure. There a company needs to adjust the strategies i.e. the terms and conditions of the other nations.

Here companies have their shares. In this stock market, the stocks go up and down. To understand it for the investors, people need an index. Sensex acts like an index that helps to understand the rate of the economy.

World Stokes Cap Updated
World Stokes Cap Updated May 2020


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10 Top Global Market | Present Situation & Stocks

If a company wants to sell its products in international markets, they need to adopt the conditions of other countries. It is a procedure to adjust the strategies in the market. When a company will not maintain the rules, international companies create problems for the domestic companies by staying for a long time of periods. The global market helps to grow the economy faster. As a result, the company can produce new products also. They can sell in the global market.

Present Situation & Stocks

For the effect of the coronavirus, everywhere the unemployment rate goes high. In some countries like the USA, Italy, Spain, India, economic problems are very critical. Japan has lost 4% of its market. The USA started to tariff with China as there was always a trade war present between these two countries. As a result, the stock rate goes high in the market places and this affects the business also.

Market And Its Working Process

We can define the market as a region where the buyers and the sellers exchange their goods or products. This is all about a broker as he delivers the goods to the sellers.

10 Top Global Market
World Stokes Names

What Is Market

When the buyers and sellers exchange many pieces of information, different types of goods in an area with or without money, we consider it as the market. The market is of two types such as the physical market and the auction market.

  • A broker will buy or sell the securities on behalf of the investor. That’s why people should select a broker at first.
  • The second step is to open Demat (dematerialized). All people should open this account.
  • Then the investor can invest their money to give any order. When they have opened the account, the broker takes the order through mobile or they get it personally.
  • When a broker buys some marketing things, the broker should understand about the availability and the marketing demand of the product. He should remember that he should sell the goods at such a rate that he can fit on that product.

At last, the broker should deliver the product to the client in a limited time.

World Stock Market And Covid-19

Hope capital Pty. Created the world stock market or WSE. It is a virtual or artificial stock exchange market. Here the people who play the game, are not safe like the actual stock market. Connell created the rules.

Stock names and their positions:

  1. NYSE(New York Stock Exchange)
  2. NASDAQ (Nasdaq)
  3. JPX(Japan Exchange Group)
  4. LSE(London Stock Exchange)
  5. SSE(Shanghai Stock Exchange)
  6. SEHK(Hongkong Stock Exchange)
  7. Euronext
  8. SZSE(Shenzhen Stock Exchange)
  9. TSX(TMX Group)
  10. BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange)
World Stock Index
World Stock Index

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Covid-19 Effects On Stock Market

For the Covid-19 excepting the financial products, half of the nifty 50 stocks have traded in a single-digit cost. The Indian market has slow economic growth since the global financial problems. According to the world bank, India has got an economy rate of 30 years before.

Sensex | There Working Process

Every day most of the stocks go up and down. It varies every time. An index helps to make us understand the rate. Sensex is the one which acts as an indicator. People discover Sensex to observe mainly the total growth, the ups downs of the economy of the market. Sensex refers to the Bombay stock exchange (BSE) as an index.

Bombay Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange

What Is Sensex & their Working Process

Sensex is an indicator of economic growth. It refers to the investment that most of the stocks go up and most of the stocks go down. Previously it used a weighted market process still 2003. But after that it uses a free-float capitalization process. When the Sensex goes up, the prices of the stocks in the market goes high. And when the Sensex goes down, the prices of the stocks in the market goes down.

Free float means the percentage of total shares. Company issue these shares. Suppose a company has 100 shares and in those shares, the government promotes 27. Then the 73 remaining shares are for the general public. Then we can say that the free factor is 70%.  Free-floating and market capitalization are the two terms that are very much important to calculate the Sensex.

Pandemic Effects On Indian Market

The economic growth of India in 2019-20 became very down. World Bank and agencies told that India had not this type of slow growth since 1990. According to them, India has not seen this growth in the previous three decades. It also said to prepare for the negative growth. India needs approx Rs/- 70 lakh crore to recover its selves. The rate of unemployment rose high in April. It became about 26.7% while it was 6% on the 15th of March.


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