10 Points To Save Earth, 10 Important Points To Save Earth, Save Water, Save Energy, Planting Trees, Prevent Food Wastage, Save Earth, Maintain Food Chain, Save The Environment, Humanity First, And More. We know that one tree saves one life. Every person should plant the tree as it controls the balance of nature. It gives human life by producing oxygen.

10 Points To Save Earth
Some Facts About Earth

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10 Points To Save Earth | Humanity First | Maintain Food Chain

If we want to save the earth, everyone needs to be aware of it. We all pollute nature for our need and for doing that we harm nature. That’s why we need to plant trees, save water, recycle the wastes, etc. to save the earth.

Why We Need To Save Earth

The quantity of fresh water on the earth is very low comparing to the saltwater. Nowadays people pollute water more rather than cleaning the water.

1. Save Water

On the earth, there is a little quantity of the available freshwater (1%). But yet people can live here because nature gives us all the necessary things we may need. We get about all the things from the environment.

  • The volunteers should clear the areas of their society.
  • Throw the wastage to the waste bins, not to the banks of the river.
  • We should conserve the water.
  • We should use long-lasting light bulbs.
  • The main and the most job to do is to plant trees.

2. Planting Tres

People should plant trees as we know “one tree saves one life”. Trees produce oxygen and take carbon dioxide. It helps to clean the river and ponds water also as it sucks the harmful pesticides.

Steps for Planting

  • At first, we locate the ground criteria before digging.
  • Then identify the seeds.
  • Then we dig a shallow.
  • We need to place the trees in their positions.
  • While placing the tree, we should keep it straight.
  • Then fill the gap slowly.
  • At last, we should stake it if it is needed.

3. Prevent Food Wastage

We should not waste food. Some people can’t get food and die for food. The people who do not need extra food or old foods, need to give food to poor people. People can give food to animals also as they are hungry too.

Percentage of Freshwater On Earth
Percentage of Freshwater On Earth

4. Maintain Food Chain

The food chain is very important. All the living organisms want to get energy and maintain the food chain. Trees get sunlight and take energy from the sun. The rabbits eat grass and take energy. But the consumers can not eat the grass. They need to depend upon other animals for taking the energy. And to keep the population in a limit is the main thing.

5. Humanity First

Humanity is the first thing a person should have. When other people fall in danger, forgetting the selfishness a person help them and show humanity. It means caring for others.

6. Save Energy

Today we can create energy from natural resources like waterfalls, wind, etc. But it doesn’t mean that we waste energy as we like. When we leave the room, we should switch the lights off. We should switch off the electronic devices after use like monitors and other things.

Save The Environment
Save The Environment

7. Respect Farmers

We should respect the farmers as they are the root of it. They farm the seeds and maintain it throughout the year.

  • They maintain the crops in the rainy season. The insects can not affect the crops so they use pesticides and fertilizers.
  • The farmer does livestock breeding. It is not new. They used to do it. Farmers breed the animals and use them for meat. They use animals for leather quality, wool, etc.
  • The plant genetic idea also helps the farmers to transform their life. They have tried to mix the characteristics in the seeds.

8. Family Planning

To maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity, the population means a lot. If it increases, the food chain will collapse. So family planning is very important to save the earth.

9. Avoid Throwing Garbage & Save The Environment

We should not throw the wastes here and there. Keep the wastes into the waste bin and should keep nature neat and clean.

  • Avoid not to throw wasted things. It is our first duty to keep the area clean.
  • If we do not need any electronic device, we can give it to others (if anyone needs).
  • We can recycle them easily.
  • We should plant trees near the rivers so that the pesticides and fertilizers can not mix with the water direct.
  • People should make a process so that the harmful oils could not pollute the water.
Amazon Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest Credit tecake.in

10 Preventing Epidemics and Pandemics

When the world faces an epidemic, the effect remains for some years. It can occur by touching or it can spread through the water and food or it may spread by the air.

People should use masks and hand grabs to keep their selves clean. They need to keep the distance between each other so that the virus could not spread. It may spread when someone touches the affected people. We should maintain some regular rules to keep ourselves safe.




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