Politics Diplomacy

What are Human Rights | List Universal Declaration Earth-24

What are Human Rights:- Human rights are certain principles made for human behavior They are fundamental rights in which a person follows them. What are...

New Education System in India | Why it Matters | Earth-24

New Education System in India, Why It Matters to India Read Full Article. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, has brought a new education...

Your Health

What is Vaccine?

What is Vaccine? – Types – Benefits – Producer – Earth-24

What is Vaccine? a vaccine that vitalizes a person's immune system to produce immunity? Providing immunity from disease-causing germs or microbes and protecting the...
Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer – Symptoms and Treatment | Earth-24

Causes of Breast cancer are common in women.  It can occur both in men and women and transgender. It is the second-largest causing death...
What is Fertilizer?

What is Fertilizer? – Types Used For – Advantages Earth-24

What is Fertilizer?. Do you know and for which purpose it is used? To know in detail about fertilizer, check this article. These are basically...
Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness | Definition | Quotes – Earth-24

Mental Health Awareness Mental health is also known as mental disorder symptoms. Mental health includes our emotional, social well-being. There could be no health without...
Chemical Effects on Environment

Definition of Chemicals | Uses in Food Medicine | Earth-24

Definition of Chemicals. Chemical is used in factories, labs, household, etc also used for medicinal purposes. A substance that is used in a chemical process. When...

Space News

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Space Technology & Exploration | Types of Satellites Rockets earth-24

Space Technology & Exploration, Space Exploration, What Is Satellites, What Is Rockets, Space News, Satellites...

Digital Marketing with Google – Free 32 Courses | Earth-24

Digital Marketing with Google Google is such a search engine where everyone searches to get any detail. While searching for products or services, you...

Percentage Of Water On Earth | Pollution Effects | Scarcity | earth-24.com

Percentage Of Water On Earth, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Water On Earth, Pollution Effects On Water, Water Pollution, Scarcity Of Water, Causes Of Water...

Technology Advantages & Disadvantages | Human | Environment | Earth-24

Technology, E-Waste, Technology Advantages, Technology Disadvantage, Environment and Tech, Tech, Human Life, 5G, Hyperloop, Tech In Daily Life. Today, people connect their every part...


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